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Voodoo Skiffle 

29 Apr

When Voodoo Kings first formed they were described in many ways from Thunderbilly to Punk-skiffle.


29 Apr

what other possible title could there be about a visit to the library! Back in the days before austerity crippled local councils, through the slashing of their budgets from central government, grand municipal projects for cities to be proud of were ...

Finger length may show you should be an entrepreneur 

28 Apr

Feel the urge to go self-employed? It could all be down to your testosterone levels according to new research.

WMG Academy celebrates ‘Good’ Ofsted rating 

28 Apr

Students and staff at a Coventry academy are celebrating after receiving a good rating in their first ever Ofsted report.

Wednesday 26th April 

28 Apr

Spent the morning at Shustoke where from the car park I could see there were c.30 Common Tern, there were c.600s hirundines with the majority Swallows, before I finished for the day I upped the estimate to closer to 1000.

Research into tumour cells begins at University of Warwick 

27 Apr

The University of Warwick has started research to understand the cause of brain tumours.

WBS ranked in world’s top two for online MBA courses 

27 Apr

Warwick Business Schools Distance learning MBA has been ranked second in the world in the QS Distance Online MBA Ranking 2017.

Bullies and their victims more likely to want plastic surgery 

27 Apr

School bullies and their victims are more likely to want cosmetic surgery, according to new research by the University of Warwick.

A Fantastic Bar 

27 Apr

As I type this blog post, it has been snowing in both Scotland and parts of Northern England-=- and it is almost May! I share this with you as my next few layouts I will be sharing will be about the day at the beginning of April (remember it?) when ...

A Smile is Worth a Dozen Words 

27 Apr

“I don’t know what to do.

Coventry Talking Newspaper for the Blind & Partially Sighted for 26th April 2017 

26 Apr

26th April 2017 In this week’s show Leo reads an article about a 105 year old Doctor, Cliff reads about a lifesaving dog, Edwina tells us about the Regency Clothes at the Herbert and Dave reports on the Resource Centre Promises Auction .

University of Warwick ranked top ten in UK and leading university in region according to new league table 

26 Apr

The University of Warwick has been ranked top 10 in the UK, and the leading university in the West Midlands, according to the latest UK University league table.

Celebrating Delia Derbyshire 

25 Apr

Delia Derbyshire 80th celebrations Delia Derbyshire will always be remembered as the Electronic Music pioneer who gave us the iconic 'Doctor Who' theme tune.

Research on spectacular TV and on-screen stardom scoops awards at BAFFTSS 2017 

25 Apr

Two academics from the University of Warwick Film and Television Studies department have won prestigious awards for their research at the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFFTSS) Awards in 2017.

Block Printing 

25 Apr

Back in March, Hannah and I took a day out at the NEC to the Hobbycraft show to take part in a number of workshops during the day.

Tuesday 25 April –A busy few weeks 

25 Apr

Firstly, on a personal note, Joy and I have finally moved from our house in Shustoke, in a way I will miss it, but it was way too large for us.

War of the Roses re-enactment day at the Coventry Charterhouse Priory 

24 Apr

War of the Roses re-enactment day at the Coventry Charterhouse Priory Join in the fun day re-enactment of the Sir William Stanley's Household, military and craft skills of the 15th Century War of the Roses period.

How numbers help the world make sense: Warwick public lecture 

24 Apr

How unlikely is it to win a lottery jackpot? Why do strange coincidences occur so often? These questions and more - will be answered by the world-famous statistician Jeff Rosenthal, during his public talk on randomness and probability at the ...

Baby Cards 

22 Apr

My cousin's daughter is about to have her first baby in Canada -a little girl- and Mum asked me to make her a card for the new arrival.


21 Apr

When a loved one succumbs to dementia, you know there are certain moments which are inevitable.

Employability boosted by Warwick online tools 

21 Apr

The employability and entrepreneurship skills of UK-educated Chinese students has been boosted, thanks to new online interactive tools the only resources of their type in the UK - designed by the University of Warwick.


20 Apr

Celebrate Delia Derbyshire’s 80th birthday at Coventry Music Museum.

8th April – 19th April 2017 

20 Apr

On the 8th Donna Myself headed for Cannock Chase after purchasing an Emperor Moth lure online tried it out within an hour we had at least 20 Males a lifer for both of us...

Researchers and artists create ‘chem-art’ exhibition at Herbert Art gallery 

20 Apr

Researchers and artists from the University of Warwick have teamed up with film makers and musicians from Coventry to create a unique exhibition that will give visitors a glimpse into a rarely seen micro-world.

Cutting the Cake 

20 Apr

A friend of mine married just after the New year this year; it was a lovely way to start the miserable month of January.

Migrant Fest 

19 Apr

Wednesday 19 th April 2017 Just a few of the birds at Middleton lakes RSPB today : Green Sandpiper, Fisher's Mill Green winged Teal Black tailed Godwit Avocet Grasshopper warbler Grasshopper warbler Green winged Teal...

Warwick support international Venetian literature festival 

19 Apr

The University of Warwick has once again sponsored Venice's annual international literary festival Incroci di Civilt running from 29 March to 1 April 2017.

Bill Gates praises University of Warwick’s impact in fight against Neglected Tropical Diseases 

19 Apr

Speaking at the Geneva summit on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), Bill Gates, co-Chair of the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, today applauded the efforts of University of Warwick scientists in protecting the worlds poorest people from NTDs.

Coventry in 50 Buildings – David McGrory – Review 

18 Apr

Coventry in Fifty Buildings by David McGrory The CovSoc Review Just out this month is Coventry historian David McGrory's new book entitled 'Coventry in 50 buildings'.

Migration report 

18 Apr

Tuesday 18th April 2017 The group of Fieldfares built up to 11, last seen at Mancetter on the 14th April.

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Sixth Republic 

26 Apr

At the end of the Second World War, the Fourth French Republic was established and governed with an unstable mix of Gaullist and Communist elected representatives until 1958 when the colonial civil war in Algeria, the debacle in Indochina and revolts...


10 Apr

Ask any legitimate gathering of jellyfish, amoebas, plankton, protozoa and an accredited assortment of single-cell organisms making a living as newspaper editors and politicians and they will all agree that Bashar al-Assad, the 19th President of ...


27 Feb

Imagine that after defying all the odds and confounding both critics and supporters alike, you wake up to find that you have guided Leicester City to unexpected and ultimate success as Champions of the Premier League...

Staff training course now online 

23 Feb

New, bespoke ‘help for students’ module for university staff developed.

Combustion in the trouser department 

16 Feb

In primary classrooms, Sunday schools, Madrassas, Gurdwaras, Synagogues, Temples and nurseries across the planet the message is simple; if you tell a lie you will always be found out...

Constant sorrow 

20 Jan

In an infinite, expanding and increasingly bizarre universe where strangeness and what once passed for normality have become blurred, the prospect of George Clooney forming a ZZ Top tribute band to perform at the inauguration of a racist con man as ...

Picking cherries 

18 Jan

Thank heavens, thank goodness, thank all our lucky stars and thank you sweet baby Jesus for giving us at long last some clarity and a time scale as to how the British government is systematically taking leave of its senses...


16 Jan

After a journey of trillions of miles taking thousands of light years, on Saturday 15th January 2017 an object about the size of a sofa originating in the Kuiper belt far beyond the orbit of the planet Neptune approached Earth at great speed...

Annus horribilis 

30 Dec

There are and will be many eloquent eulogies, obituaries and retrospectives of those who breathed their last during 2016 and although some might find the deification of dead celebrities somewhat mawkish, this years` harvest of notable souls has been ...

Ministry of Magic 

18 Dec

Of all the government departments labouring away in the dark recesses of Whitehall, none is more expert at artifice, trickery and prestidigitation than the secretive Ministry of Magic...

Rogue One 

14 Dec

When something outrageous or provocative is broadcast on television or radio, there is a simple solution that could avoid a dangerous increase in blood pressure, impotent fury and a desire to hit the domestic appliance with an unusually heavy object.

Never mind Christmas Eve boxes – why advent calendars of presents are the real scourge of Christmas 

5 Dec

Some kids are getting presents - not chocolate - in their advent calendar...

Home run 

27 Nov

The chances of Fidel Castro living to the ripe old age of 90 seemed rather slim given that the most powerful nation on earth has devoted considerable energy, resources and the best part of 60 years attempting to secure his removal and death...

Our man in Diego Garcia 

23 Nov

In a surprise move announced by the Foreign Office, former leader of UKIP and renown international diplomat Sir Nigel Farage, PhD, OBE, VC and bar, has been appointed as the next Commissioner of the British Indian Ocean Territory of the Chagos ...

E Pluribus Unum 

9 Nov

The voting places are beginning to close and in the next few hours the 45th President of the United States will be democratically elected...

Joint enterprise 

1 Nov

Image via Press Association Some rather momentous things went on in 1984 and, unless he was exerting influence from beyond the grave, none of the drama had anything to do with ...

The truth is out there 

30 Oct

We all love a good conspiracy theory no matter how far-fetched or unlikely the juicy confection might be; so when the reputation and character of the Democrat US presidential candidate offers a buy one get one free deal on the legality of Hillary ...

Supporting courage in the face of adversity 

27 Oct

Liberty held its annual Human Rights Awards event on 26 October.

Clearance Clarence 

26 Oct

When the details of a secret that was never really a secret are revealed to an incredulous public, there are some punters with attention deficit who will be genuinely surprised and others, with something of an alternative agenda, who will feign shock...


18 Oct

As the sublimely wonderful Stevie Wonder so eloquently pointed out, if you believe in things that you don`t understand; you suffer – superstition ain`t the way...

Kicking and screaming 

14 Oct

In an incredibly uncertain world populated by tyrants, dictators, ne`er do wells and various other foreigners, it took a mere 90 days for the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs to present himself at the House of Commons in order ...

Make `em laugh 

10 Oct

To openly gloat over the misfortunes of others, even if they happen to be the most unpleasant, hate-filled, narcissistic attention seekers to ever pollute political debate, is not big and not clever...


30 Sep

There was a time when hard work, integrity, honesty, diligence and morality were considered as rewards in themselves for any duty, task or employment but in an age when hypocrisy and negligence are essential requirements on the job description for ...

Twilight`s last gleaming 

28 Sep

Way back in 1992, the ubiquity of email was far from established and many employers regarded the internet as the work of the devil that had no place in a productive workplace...

Fairness, justice and wishful thinking 

31 Aug

As August departs in a blaze of sunshine, with a resigned sigh we contemplate an autumn of discontent and a winter of absolute, all consuming misery...

Medalling with worlds 

23 Aug

For a global sporting event to be considered successful, it must be preceded by dire predictions of unfinished facilities, dangerous infrastructure, drug scandals, blatant corruption and civil unrest...

Naked politics 

28 Jul

It has been five weeks since the great European referendum that was expected, regardless of outcome, to change British and European politics forever...

News from the Combined Authority AGM 

20 Jun

The West Midlands Combined Authority intended to hold its inaugural AGM last Friday, 10 June, but a little local difficulty in the House of Commons meant that the legislation hadn’t been completed in time.

In or out of Europe: what does it mean for women? 

7 Jun

Coventry Women’s Voices, Coventry Women’s Networking Group (WNG) and Coventry Feminists invite you to: Date and time: Tuesday 21 st June 2016, 7pm – 9pm Venue: Coventry Council House – Diamond Rooms 1 2 Earl Street, Coventry CV1 5RR The ...


2 Jun

Muchachas y los amigos de España; the great kingdom of Spain faces an unprecedented existential crisis brought about by unregulated immigration actively encouraged by faceless, unelected Eurocrats...

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Arts & Culture »

David Bowie at the Kasbah, Coventry 

29 Apr

David Bowie at the Kasbah, Coventry.


26 Apr

OUT OF THIS WORLD Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, Tuesday 25 th April, 2017   Mark Murphy’s latest piece for V-Tol pulls out all the stops in terms of theatricality – in fact, when it begins, I feel bombarded and disoriented by the barrage of ...

Tim Bowness, vocalist. 

24 Apr

Tim Bowness, vocalist.

Ian Bourne, Nuneaton Singer Songwriter. 

24 Apr

Ian Bourne, Nuneaton Singer Songwriter By Pete Clemons I don’t know Ian Bourne , as such, but I do know of him.

Led Zeppelin – Locarno 1971 

17 Apr

Led Zeppelin – Locarno 1971 Pete Clemons Rock band, Led Zeppelin, are considered to have been one of the most innovative, influential and successful rock groups in the history of modern day popular music.

Bubbling Over 

7 Apr

THE BUBBLY BLACK GIRL SHEDS HER CHAMELEON SKIN Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Thursday 6 th April, 2017   A co-production with Theatre Royal Stratford East, this new version of Kirsten Childs’s appealing musical froths with effervescence, like ...

The Play Works 

5 Apr

THE MACHINE STOPS Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Tuesday 4 th April, 2017   This production from Pilot Theatre comes to the end of its tour at the Belgrade’s B2 studio.

Joe O’Donnell’s Gaodhal’s Vision 

4 Apr

Joe O’Donnell's Gaodhal’s Vision by Pete Clemons To celebrate its 40th anniversary Coventry resident Joe O’Donnell is giving his 1977 concept album, Gaodhal’s Vision, a complete makeover and a whole new lease of life.

The Sorrows in Europe October 2016 

28 Mar

The Sorrows in Europe October 2016 By Pete Clemons They say you can’t keep a good band down.

Honky Tonk Rose 

28 Mar

Honky Tonk Rose by Pete Clemons Honky Tonk Rose Buried within the bleakness of a country album called ‘ Deguello Motel ’, is a more upbeat song called ‘ Honky Tonk Rose ’.


21 Mar

STYLUSBOY by Pete Clemons Ploughing his own furrow for a good number of years on the local circuit, and beyond, has been Steve Stylusboy.

Barnabus – A Charity Gig 2017 

21 Mar

Barnabus Charity Gig by Pete Clemons On the same evening that Black Sabbath were saying au revoir, by way of their hugely publicised gigs at the LG arena, another band from the region, were doing similar.

Golden Wedding Anniversary At The Forest Hotel, Dorridge 

21 Mar

We’ve enjoyed our quieter season this winter and have hunkered down preparing for 2017 wedding season! The quiet season is, however, coming to a close.

Otis Redding by Pete Clemons 

16 Mar

Otis Redding by Pete Clemons Another article by Pete that was originally earmarked for the Coventry Telegraph.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by Pete Clemons 

16 Mar


Stuff and Nonsense 

22 Feb

The Quite Remarkable Adventures of THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Tuesday 21 st February, 2017   Edward Lear’s famous nonsense poem was the springboard for a book by former Python Eric Idle.

Big Big Train 

13 Feb

Big Big Train By Pete Clemons - another article written for but unpublished by the Coventry Telegraph.

Syd Arthur 

13 Feb

Syd Arthur by Pete Clemons (another recent article earmarked for the Coventry Telegraph but unpublished by them) syd Arthur Not a Coventry band but one of Pete Clemon's many articles for the Coventry paper.

Many Wrongs Make a Right 

24 Jan

THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Monday 23 rd January, 2017   Those of us involved in live performance in any way will have stories to tell, usually for comic effect, about moments on stage that have gone awry: a prop that wasn...

Dark – Round the Edges – Review by Pete Clemons 

21 Jan

Dark - Round the Edges - Review by Pete Clemons A Kenilworth record shop recently acquired a copy of one of the rarest pieces of vinyl currently out there.

Pink Floyd – The Early Years 1965-1972 

21 Jan

PINK FLOYD - The Early Years 1965-1972 By Pete Clemons Fans of Pink Floyd will, no doubt, already be aware that during July 2016 it was announced that a major new work.

European Bands by Pete Clemons 

21 Jan

Pete Clemons - Owing to changes at the Coventry Telegraph, it's looking unlikely that the newspaper will be publishing anymore of Pete's articles,which is a shame but Pete has send a few that were earmarked for the paper - and this is the first - on ...

The CoverUps 4-Piece Male Lead – Adam! 

18 Jan

Check out this short clip of our male lead vocalist singing a favorite dance floor filler, Dynamite by Taio Cruz! If you want to see the full video, hop on over to our videos page where you can also see videos of all of our lineups...

Indian Summer – New Album 

9 Jan

This Pete Clemons article in 2 parts so it is readbable! Original album 1971 Record Collector Indian Summer album http://shop.

Pete Clemons Looks back on 2016 

9 Jan

Pete Clemons with another article for the Coventry Telegraph...

Pete Clemons on the enduring genius of Yes and Jon Anderson 

8 Jan

Pete Clemons on the enduring genius of Yes and Jon Anderson Telegraph contributor analyses an incredible turn of fortunes for iconic musician.

Pete Clemons on how rock’n’roll impacted Coventry 

8 Jan

Pete Clemons on how rock'n'roll impacted Coventry Telegraph contributor delves into the history of the musical genre in our city.

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