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Whinchats at Caldecote 

16 Aug

Wednesday 15th August 2018 Another local site which regularly turns up migrants is along the river Anker at Caldecote.

Midlands universities partnership will train the next generation of arts and humanities researchers 

16 Aug

Eight leading universities in the Midlands, including the University of Warwick, are joining together to train the next generation of highly-skilled arts and humanities researchers, thanks to funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (...

Formula 1 driving simulation technology could help put the UK on the fast track to self-driving vehicles 

16 Aug

A new research programme by WMG at the University of Warwick, and XPI Simulation, co-funded by Innovate UK, is examining the potential for applying the simulation technology used to train Formula 1® drivers for the testing and certification of ...

Coventry Talking Newspaper for the Blind & Partially Sighted for 15th August 2018 

15 Aug

15th August 2018 In this week’s show: Leo reads an article about Arthur Conan Doyle who turned detective;Margaret reads about Millicent Fawcett whose statue was unveiled in London;Cliff is really missing the rain; Sue tells us about chocolate ...

Multilingualism is alive and well says, IANLS President and Warwick Professor, Ingrid De Smet – as is Latin! 

15 Aug

As President of the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies (IANLS), Professor Ingrid De Smet, of the University of Warwick’s School of Modern Languages and Cultures and Centre for the Study of the Renaissance, hosted, with fellow members ...

Leading Digital and innovation strategy expert appointed as University of Warwick’s first Director of Innovation 

15 Aug

Digital and innovation strategy expert David Plumb has been appointed to the new role of Director of Innovation at the University of Warwick.

Bacteria-fighting polymers created with light 

14 Aug

Hundreds of polymers which could kill drug-resistant superbugs in novel ways can be produced and tested using light, using a method developed at the University of Warwick...

Starting to start 

13 Aug

13th August 2018 The first signs of return migration : Swifts disappearing, Wood Sandpipers and other waders appearing at local lakes and the first few Redstarts and Whinchats turning up at traditional local hotspots.

Historic space weather could clarify what’s next 

13 Aug

Historic space weather may help us understand what’s coming next, according to new research by the University of Warwick.

Unboxing the Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker 

12 Aug

Just bought the SoundLink Micro Bluetooth® speaker.

Saturday 11 August 

11 Aug

This morning for a change I visited Sutton Park.

Friday 10th August 

10 Aug

Middleton RSPB This morning Joy and I were the first arrivals on the Car Park and pretty much had the place to ourselves for most of the morning.

£100 million new funding for WMG’s work in the High Value Manufacturing Centre – will help create the technologies of tomorrow 

10 Aug

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP has announced today (Friday 10 th August 2018) that WMG, at the University of Warwick, has been awarded £100m in Government funding for WMG’s work in the High Value Manufacturing ...

Holidays and Acoustic Rockin Riot. 

10 Aug

As you may recall Voodoo Holidays usually occur around this time and this Summer is no different.

Thursday 9th August 

9 Aug

Got to the Reservoir early this morning but was soon disillusioned with the number and behaviour of the dog walkers with none on leads and some encouraging their dogs into the water by throwing balls for them to swim after! This behaviour is a major ...

Foster mum achieves first class results from Warwick 

9 Aug

A foster mum from Nuneaton has graduated from the University of Warwick’s Centre for Life Long Learning with a first class degree.

Urgent World Cup TV betting adverts now urgent problem for Advertising Standards Authority says new psychology research 

9 Aug

Research by applied psychologists at the University of Warwick on urgent TV betting adverts during the recent football FIFA World Cup has led them to have significant concerns for punters, and a challenge for the UK’s Advertising Standards ...

Coventry Talking Newspaper for the Blind & Partially Sighted for 8th August 2018 

8 Aug

8th August 2018 In this week’s show: Natalie – achiever of the year 2017 concludes her talk to the Monday club; we have an Infosound article about jumbo sized puzzle books; Sheila reads about the world’s most expensive bespoke furniture; Sue ...

Menorca, August 2018 

8 Aug

My wife, Jan's birthday was the excuse for a family holiday in Menorca, Spain.

Ground-breaking economist honoured by University of Warwick 

7 Aug

Twice in her life Deirdre McCloskey, professor emerita of economics, history, English, and communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago, has torn up the rule book as a young economist challenging the fundamentals of the discipline, and in ...

Leading lawyer receives honorary doctorate from the University of Warwick 

3 Aug

Trailblazing lawyer Dr Julie Maxton has received an honorary doctorate from the University of Warwick.

New digital hub for emerging and aspiring writers launched 

3 Aug

The Sunday Times Peters Fraser + Dunlop Young Writer of the Year Award, in association with theUniversity of Warwick, is extending its digital offer with high-profile authors and literary experts contributing to an engaging, accessible online hub for...

Midlands based global doyens of darkness are LED into daylight 

2 Aug

Midlands based Global darkroom specialists Paterson Photographic Ltd in Tiptonhave addeddaylight to darkness in their leading studio and theatre lighting thanks to LED technology support from WMG at the University of Warwick.

Coventry Talking Newspaper for the Blind & Partially Sighted for 1st August 2018 

2 Aug

1st August 2018 In this week’s show: All this plus the usual mix of News, Sport, Postbag Outlook on Life and What’s on.

Stephen Sackur, present of the BBC’s HARDtalk, receives Honorary Doctorate 

1 Aug

Few journalists have spoken with more of the world’s leading politicians, thinkers, scientists and artists than Stephen Sackur.

Real-time foot-and-mouth strategy to better fight disease 

31 Jul

Future outbreaks of foot-and-mouth (FMD) disease can be combatted quickly and efficiently from early on when authorities have minimal information thanks to a new real-time strategy, developed by researchers at the University of Warwick.

UK Government must provide road map for gas after Brexit, urges new report 

31 Jul

March 2018’s ‘Beast from the East’ saw the UK National Grid issue its first gas deficit warning for 8 years.

Walking Through Litter 

30 Jul

Walking Through Litter A personal account of living in Coventry by Nirmal Puwar This article was written as a piece of creative writing just before Coventry was awarded the City of Culture 2021, but it is even more relevant today.

Transport Minister visits WMG to launch Call for Evidence on the Future of Mobility and announce 6 research projects on autonomous vehicles 

30 Jul

Jesse Norman MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department for Transport, is visiting WMG, at the University of Warwick, today Monday 30 th July 2018 to launch the Government’s “Call for Evidence on the Future of Mobility”.

The Forgotten Man! 

29 Jul

John Kemp Starley - The Forgotten Man! Our campaign for recognition of John Kemp Starley continues with a comic strip produced by our Chairman, Paul Maddocks.

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The female face of poverty in the UK 

31 Jul

Why are women more likely to be poorer than men? Poverty is a gendered experience.

Feminist book fortnight: two weeks in June 

24 Apr

Bookshops around the country will be highlighting the diversity of feminist books.

Come to Coventry: Telegraph’s open letter to Channel 4 board 

21 Dec

We write to the board of Channel 4 to explain why this city is the perfect new home for the broadcaster...

Hull shows what UK City of Culture can do for Coventry 

30 Nov

The city has benefitted enormously from being UK City of Culture 2017 and Coventry can do the same, by Angus Young, the Editor of the Hull Daily Mail...

Inside the ivory tower 

21 Nov

“I am frequently asked why so few women of colour hold leadership roles in academia – the answers lie in this book.

How UK City of Culture bid can make Coventry’s streets fun 

15 Nov

Ludic Rooms to create 'hidden moments of joy' on the streets of Coventry...

The whole region is backing Coventry to be UK City of Culture 2021 

14 Nov

Coventry's UK City of Culture bid has won support from across the region...

City of Culture: Why Coventry University is backing the bid 

10 Nov

New chancellor Margaret Casely-Hayford on her role and the city's bid to be UK City of Culture 2021...

“These car drivers are just lazy” readers react to school driving ban 

8 Sep

I know how easy it is to drive and get lazy school run parents criticised on Facebook...

Trust in me 

1 Sep

Even when a mature democracy becomes a little dog-eared around the edges and the very definition of democracy presents wear and tear in more urgent need of refurbishment than a crumbling Palace of Westminster, the basic premise of the relationship ...

Tears of a clown 

16 Jul

Only a complete fool would dare to suggest that extracting the fifth largest economy on the planet from the largest single market on Earth would be a simple undertaking and such a daunting task would probably freeze the blood of even the most skilful...

Ich bein ein Hamburger 

10 Jul

Perhaps the most enduring and delightfully amusing myths generated by the cold war, is the continued belief that a President of the United States stood before a crowd in West Berlin and described himself as a jam-filled doughnut...

Combined authority investment welcomed by new mayor 

14 Jun

Coventry regeneration schemes awarded £3.7 million loan.

Air sick 

3 Jun

As the English language continues to gloriously expand and evolve, it has yet to create an adequate word or phrase to capture the true essence of what it means to be a spectator of political campaigning...

Which side are you on? 

26 May

I have to admit that until Monday evening, I had never heard of Ariana Grande and even now, more than 72 hours later, I remain completely unfamiliar with her work but recognise that her talent and status make her important as an icon and role model ...

What are the parties offering women at the 2017 Election? 

9 May

Come and question the candidates at our hustings meeting: Coventry Women’s Voices Hustings  Tuesday 16 May, 7-9pm Committee room 3, Council House The meeting is free but please email CoventryWomen@gmail.

Stockton-on-Tees syndrome 

7 May

After being forcibly abducted, illegally deprived of liberty, brutalised and threatened with violence and death, it is beyond belief that a hostage would regard a hostage-taker with anything other than complete contempt and utter loathing...

Breakfast, dinner and tea 

4 May

For all their blindingly obvious failings, it is still possible to feel some sympathy for arrogant career politicians forced out onto the streets and into radio and television studios to explain themselves to an unworthy and inferior electorate...

Sixth Republic 

26 Apr

At the end of the Second World War, the Fourth French Republic was established and governed with an unstable mix of Gaullist and Communist elected representatives until 1958 when the colonial civil war in Algeria, the debacle in Indochina and revolts...


10 Apr

Ask any legitimate gathering of jellyfish, amoebas, plankton, protozoa and an accredited assortment of single-cell organisms making a living as newspaper editors and politicians and they will all agree that Bashar al-Assad, the 19th President of ...


27 Feb

Imagine that after defying all the odds and confounding both critics and supporters alike, you wake up to find that you have guided Leicester City to unexpected and ultimate success as Champions of the Premier League...

Staff training course now online 

23 Feb

New, bespoke ‘help for students’ module for university staff developed.

Combustion in the trouser department 

16 Feb

In primary classrooms, Sunday schools, Madrassas, Gurdwaras, Synagogues, Temples and nurseries across the planet the message is simple; if you tell a lie you will always be found out...

Constant sorrow 

20 Jan

In an infinite, expanding and increasingly bizarre universe where strangeness and what once passed for normality have become blurred, the prospect of George Clooney forming a ZZ Top tribute band to perform at the inauguration of a racist con man as ...

Picking cherries 

18 Jan

Thank heavens, thank goodness, thank all our lucky stars and thank you sweet baby Jesus for giving us at long last some clarity and a time scale as to how the British government is systematically taking leave of its senses...


16 Jan

After a journey of trillions of miles taking thousands of light years, on Saturday 15th January 2017 an object about the size of a sofa originating in the Kuiper belt far beyond the orbit of the planet Neptune approached Earth at great speed...

Annus horribilis 

30 Dec

There are and will be many eloquent eulogies, obituaries and retrospectives of those who breathed their last during 2016 and although some might find the deification of dead celebrities somewhat mawkish, this years` harvest of notable souls has been ...

Ministry of Magic 

18 Dec

Of all the government departments labouring away in the dark recesses of Whitehall, none is more expert at artifice, trickery and prestidigitation than the secretive Ministry of Magic...

Rogue One 

14 Dec

When something outrageous or provocative is broadcast on television or radio, there is a simple solution that could avoid a dangerous increase in blood pressure, impotent fury and a desire to hit the domestic appliance with an unusually heavy object.

Never mind Christmas Eve boxes – why advent calendars of presents are the real scourge of Christmas 

5 Dec

Some kids are getting presents - not chocolate - in their advent calendar...

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Arts & Culture »

Canned Heat – by Pete Clemons 

13 Aug

Canned Heat - by Pete Clemons.

The New Nuneaton Folk Club- Kristy Gallacher. 

2 Aug

The New Nuneaton Folk Club - Kristy Gallacher.

Callum Pickard and the Third Look – the Old Grammar School 

2 Aug

Callum Pickard and the Third Look - the Old Grammar School.


27 Jul

CIRQUE BERSERK Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Thursday 26 th July, 2018   Circus has changed – evolved – since its inception by Philip Astley 250 years ago.

‘The Coventry Sound’ How Close was Coventry to a Musical Breakthrough in the 1960’s? 

25 Jul

' The Coventry Sound ' How Close was Coventry to a Musical Breakthrough in the 1960's? by Pete Clemons and Trev Teasdel 'In 1963 Larry Page became the new manager of the Orchid Ballroom in Coventry and began advertising gigs as 'The New Coventry ...

Luna Kiss – Following Shadows 

25 Jul

Luna Kiss – Following Shadows By Pete Clemons One year ago this month, during July 2017, Luna Kiss decamped themselves into a caravan near Reading, for several weeks, in order to be in close proximity to the Outhouse recording studios.

PiL – Copper Rooms, Warwick University (John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten) 

21 Jul

PiL – Copper Rooms, Warwick University - (John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten).

Roger Waters – Birmingham Arena 

10 Jul

Roger Waters – Birmingham Arena by Pete Clemons For well over 40 years now Roger Waters, has, consistently been writing quite brilliant songs about inequality, mortality, religion and authoritarianism.

Rock of Ages – Pete Clemons with Coventry Gig Listings of the Past. 

4 Jul

Here are the Rock of Ages Columns by Pete Clemons, published in the Coventry Telegraph c 2010 / 11 (Spreadsheet Pete!) Covering monthly gigs from the 1960's to 20011 Published December 2011 Published November 2011 Published October 2011 Published ...

The Ramrods Attempt to Gate Crash the Godiva 

4 Jul

The Ramrods Attempt to Gate Crash the Godiva.

Elvis Costello – Blenheim Palace 

27 Jun

Elvis Costello – Blenheim Palace by Pete Clemons On an overcast but, thankfully, rain free summers evening, set within the majestic surroundings of Blenheim Palace , Elvis Costello and his band The Imposters recently performed a diverse yet career ...

Gary Numan 

21 Jun

Gary Numan by Pete Clemons Now 60 years old it is good to see Gary Numan back in vogue again.

Rough Magic 

19 Jun

THE TEMPEST Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Tuesday 19 th June, 2018   It’s not the first time The Tempest has been set in outer space.

You Can Sometimes Get What You Want – Review of the Rolling Stones and Specials Concert by Pete Chambers 

9 Jun

MUSIC MATTERS: You can sometimes get what you want.

A Nudge To Arms 

9 Jun

TRYING IT ON Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, Friday 8 th June, 2018   At the grand age of 70, playwright David Edgar turns performer for the first time in this self-penned piece that blends autobiographical material and interviews with fellow ...

Traitor or Devil? : Could Coventry Duo, Sue and Mary, Have Influenced the Presley Hit, Devil in Disguise? 

8 Jun

Traitor or Devil? : Could Coventry Duo, Sue and Mary, Have Influenced the Presley Hit, Devil in Disguise? In 1962, weeks before the Beatles released Love Me Do and months before Elvis released Devil in Disguise, two Coventry schoolgirls, Sue and Mary...

Frank Ifield – Tobacco Road 1961 and the story behind the song. 

6 Jun

Frank Ifield - Tobacco Road 1961 by Trev Teasdel Coventry born Frank Ifield recorded a cover of JD Loudermilk's Tobacco Road in 1961, long before Micky Most produced the Nashville Teens hit version in 1964! Frank Ifield, born in Coundon, Coventry 30...

The Rolling Stones and The Specials at the Ricoh 2018 

5 Jun

The Rolling Stones and The Specials at the Ricoh 2018 by Pete Clemons Support band, The Specials, appeared on stage at just before 7pm.

Sweet and Sour 

1 Jun

MOUNTAINS: The Dreams of Lily Kwok Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Thursday 31 st May, 2018   When Helen leaves her native Manchester to work as a lawyer in Hong Kong, she feels out of place, a fraud, an English girl in a Chinese body.

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets 

22 May

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets by Pete Clemons There wasn’t much chat from the stage.

Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells 

17 May

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells by Pete Clemons One album that music lovers never seem to forget the release of was that of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells.

White Noise – St Johns Church (Delia Derbyshire) 

10 May

White Noise – St Johns Church ( Delia Derbyshire) By Pete Clemons The people who designed and built those wonderful medieval churches centuries ago, along with the relatively more modern structures, could never have imagined that, years later, what...

Repeat Offender 

9 May

FLEABAG Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, Wednesday 9 th May, 2018   It’s a real treat to be able to see Maddie Rice reprise the hit one-woman show, three years since I first enjoyed it in Birmingham.

Hired and Fired-Up 

5 May

THE HIRED MAN The Albany Theatre, Coventry, Friday 4 th May, 2018   If Thomas Hardy upped sticks and moved north to Cumbria (or Cumberland, as it was known then) the chances are he would have come up with something very like Melvyn Bragg’s family ...

The Rolling Stones in Coventry 

2 May

The Rolling Stones in Coventry by Pete Clemons Rock and roll is for the young people.

Being Mark Rylance 2 

25 Apr

Being Mark Rylance 2 by Pete Clemons Artist Nicky Cure and musician annA rydeR, spelt as such to presumably distinguish herself from the interior designer and TV personality, are collectively known as Radar Birds.

Just My Cup of Chai 

25 Apr

THE GAME OF LOVE AND CHAI Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Tuesday 24 th April, 2018   Marivaux’s 18 th Century French farce, The Game of Love and Chance , gets an update from Tara Arts and Nigel Planer of The Young Ones , no less.

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