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A Pre-Christmas Dinner 

16 Dec

On Sunday, we braved the snow to travel up to Leicester and see our in-laws.

Coventry’s Hales Street and the Burges redevelopment 

15 Dec

Coventry's Hales Street and the Burges Redevelopment by Paul Maddocks There was a recent enquiry about what was happening around the Hales Street area.

UK’s favourite Christmas spirit revealed with online searches 

15 Dec

BRANDY is the UK’s favourite Christmas spirit, according to research into our festive online searches from the University of Warwick.

3D printing helps carve out Christmas treat 

15 Dec

A Coventry firm has turned to 3D engineering experts from WMG, at the University of Warwick, to help create a new range of unique biscuit treats Mug Huggers that sit on the side of a mug.

Santa’s workshop could be on snowy moon 

15 Dec

Santa’s winter workshop might be in space, as University of Warwick researchers are exploring whether snowy moons over a billion kilometres away from Earth are potentially habitable.

The not so sweet side of Christmas 

15 Dec

A new video by the University of Warwick highlights a bitter side to our sugar consumption at Christmas.

Rockin Roots at The Gatehouse 

15 Dec

Tomorrow evening is the last Rockin Roots and Blues night of the year and to celebrate a year that’s been packed with all those ingredients for Voodoo Kings, we’re putting on a party at the Gatehouse Tavern Coventry.

How the Pope’s rhino drowned and was immortalised in art history 

15 Dec

The story of one of the most infamous gifts, and one of the most influential images in art history, has been brought back to life thanks to research at the University of Warwick that of the rhino, named Ganda, gifted to Pope Leo X that drowned in ...

More electronic materials opened up with new metal-organic framework 

15 Dec

More materials for electronic applications could be identified, thanks to the discovery of a new metal-organic framework (MOF) that displays electrical semiconduction with a record high photoresponsivity, by a global research collaboration involving ...


15 Dec

When was the last time we had snow before Christmas? A good few years ago I'm sure, and in the Midlands snowy days are very rare.

Drug discovery could accelerate hugely with Machine Learning 

14 Dec

Drug discovery could be significantly accelerated thanks to a new high precision machine-learning model, developed by an international collaboration of researchers, including the University of Warwick.

Womb natural killer cell discovery could lead to screening for miscarriage risk 

14 Dec

For the first time the functions of natural killer cells in the womb have been identified.

Is presumed consent the answer to organ shortages? 

14 Dec

In an effort to increase the number of organs available for transplant the UK's Department of Health is proposing a move to 'presumed consent' so people have to opt-out of donating their body parts when they die.

Coventry in “right place” to expand digital creative sector following City of Culture win 

14 Dec

Coventry is in the “right place for new and expanding digital creative businesses”, a new report, by a team including researchers from Warwick Business school, into the potential of the city’s digital creative sectors has found.

Is Santa Paws visiting your pet this year? 

14 Dec

University of Warwick researcher Professor Nickie Charles looks at the ways we make our dogs and other companion animals part of our Christmas and asks whether pets really enjoy the rituals of Christmas alongside their human companions.

The Ballet 

14 Dec

As Christmas approached last year I took my eldest to see The Nutcracker for the first time.

Coventry Talking Newspaper for the Blind & Partially Sighted for 13th December 2017 

13 Dec

13th December 2017 In this week’s show Leo reads pieces about Do you believe in Angels and Hanged for stealing a sheep, Cliff tells us about Britain’s most beautiful railway stations, Sheila reads about the dramatic return of Christopher ...

Coventry Talking Newspaper for the Blind & Partially Sighted for 13th December 2017 

13 Dec

13th December 2017 In this week’s show Leo reads pieces about Do you believe in Angels and Hanged for stealing a sheep, Cliff tells us about Britain’s most beautiful railway stations, Sheila reads about the dramatic return of Christopher ...

University of Warwick study to explore the politics of economic forecasting and its impact on Brexit and British capitalism 

13 Dec

A major University of Warwick study analysing how official UK growth assessments are constructed, and their impact on economic policy and public finances, is to be supported by funding from the Leverhulme Trust.

Santa has never been stuck up the chimney says Warwick quantum physicist 

13 Dec

A researcher at the University of Warwick is challenging the theory that ‘ Santa got stuck up the chimney ’ by suggesting that he uses ‘quantum tunnelling’ to get himself in and out of our homes.

Classical Flashmob. 

13 Dec

While in Birmingham at the weekend, we were in Grand Central shopping centre when we heard the sound of glorious singing.

Depression’s causal mechanisms identified with new method 

12 Dec

People with major depressive disorder have alterations in the activity and connectivity of brain systems underlying reward and memory, according to a new study by the University of Warwick.

Sexual harassment of girls is widespread in schools, researchers find 

12 Dec

A new study carried out by University of Warwick’s Institute for Employment research for the NEU teaching union and campaign group UK Feminista has found that over a third of girls at mixed-sex schools in England and Wales have been sexually ...

A Handmade Card 

11 Dec

Every year I have to choose one of the cards I have made to go into my journal.

The Plan 

10 Dec

The plan for December is always a really quick and easy page.

Click and Collect 

9 Dec

The prompt for today was about how Christmases have changed over the years.

Course inspections at Coventry parkrun 

8 Dec

Our Run Directors carry out course checks weekly at Coventry parkrun.

Christmas at Coventry parkrun 2017 

8 Dec

Christmas at Coventry parkrun - 2017 16 December - will be this year's Coventry parkrun Santa run.

Cosy Jumper? 

8 Dec

Day three of the journal was about getting cosy during the winter months.

Sally Rooney named Young Writer of the Year Award, in association with the University of Warwick 

7 Dec

Sally Rooney has been awarded The 2017 Sunday Times/Peters Fraser + Dunlop Young Writer of the Year Award, in association with the University of Warwick for her extraordinary debut Conversations With Friends (Faber), an intimate story of high-risk ...

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Hull shows what UK City of Culture can do for Coventry 

30 Nov

The city has benefitted enormously from being UK City of Culture 2017 and Coventry can do the same, by Angus Young, the Editor of the Hull Daily Mail...

Inside the ivory tower 

21 Nov

“I am frequently asked why so few women of colour hold leadership roles in academia – the answers lie in this book.

How UK City of Culture bid can make Coventry’s streets fun 

15 Nov

Ludic Rooms to create 'hidden moments of joy' on the streets of Coventry...

The whole region is backing Coventry to be UK City of Culture 2021 

14 Nov

Coventry's UK City of Culture bid has won support from across the region...

City of Culture: Why Coventry University is backing the bid 

10 Nov

New chancellor Margaret Casely-Hayford on her role and the city's bid to be UK City of Culture 2021...

“These car drivers are just lazy” readers react to school driving ban 

8 Sep

I know how easy it is to drive and get lazy school run parents criticised on Facebook...

Trust in me 

1 Sep

Even when a mature democracy becomes a little dog-eared around the edges and the very definition of democracy presents wear and tear in more urgent need of refurbishment than a crumbling Palace of Westminster, the basic premise of the relationship ...

Tears of a clown 

16 Jul

Only a complete fool would dare to suggest that extracting the fifth largest economy on the planet from the largest single market on Earth would be a simple undertaking and such a daunting task would probably freeze the blood of even the most skilful...

Ich bein ein Hamburger 

10 Jul

Perhaps the most enduring and delightfully amusing myths generated by the cold war, is the continued belief that a President of the United States stood before a crowd in West Berlin and described himself as a jam-filled doughnut...

Combined authority investment welcomed by new mayor 

14 Jun

Coventry regeneration schemes awarded £3.7 million loan.

Air sick 

3 Jun

As the English language continues to gloriously expand and evolve, it has yet to create an adequate word or phrase to capture the true essence of what it means to be a spectator of political campaigning...

Which side are you on? 

26 May

I have to admit that until Monday evening, I had never heard of Ariana Grande and even now, more than 72 hours later, I remain completely unfamiliar with her work but recognise that her talent and status make her important as an icon and role model ...

What are the parties offering women at the 2017 Election? 

9 May

Come and question the candidates at our hustings meeting: Coventry Women’s Voices Hustings  Tuesday 16 May, 7-9pm Committee room 3, Council House The meeting is free but please email CoventryWomen@gmail.

Stockton-on-Tees syndrome 

7 May

After being forcibly abducted, illegally deprived of liberty, brutalised and threatened with violence and death, it is beyond belief that a hostage would regard a hostage-taker with anything other than complete contempt and utter loathing...

Breakfast, dinner and tea 

4 May

For all their blindingly obvious failings, it is still possible to feel some sympathy for arrogant career politicians forced out onto the streets and into radio and television studios to explain themselves to an unworthy and inferior electorate...

Sixth Republic 

26 Apr

At the end of the Second World War, the Fourth French Republic was established and governed with an unstable mix of Gaullist and Communist elected representatives until 1958 when the colonial civil war in Algeria, the debacle in Indochina and revolts...


10 Apr

Ask any legitimate gathering of jellyfish, amoebas, plankton, protozoa and an accredited assortment of single-cell organisms making a living as newspaper editors and politicians and they will all agree that Bashar al-Assad, the 19th President of ...


27 Feb

Imagine that after defying all the odds and confounding both critics and supporters alike, you wake up to find that you have guided Leicester City to unexpected and ultimate success as Champions of the Premier League...

Staff training course now online 

23 Feb

New, bespoke ‘help for students’ module for university staff developed.

Combustion in the trouser department 

16 Feb

In primary classrooms, Sunday schools, Madrassas, Gurdwaras, Synagogues, Temples and nurseries across the planet the message is simple; if you tell a lie you will always be found out...

Constant sorrow 

20 Jan

In an infinite, expanding and increasingly bizarre universe where strangeness and what once passed for normality have become blurred, the prospect of George Clooney forming a ZZ Top tribute band to perform at the inauguration of a racist con man as ...

Picking cherries 

18 Jan

Thank heavens, thank goodness, thank all our lucky stars and thank you sweet baby Jesus for giving us at long last some clarity and a time scale as to how the British government is systematically taking leave of its senses...


16 Jan

After a journey of trillions of miles taking thousands of light years, on Saturday 15th January 2017 an object about the size of a sofa originating in the Kuiper belt far beyond the orbit of the planet Neptune approached Earth at great speed...

Annus horribilis 

30 Dec

There are and will be many eloquent eulogies, obituaries and retrospectives of those who breathed their last during 2016 and although some might find the deification of dead celebrities somewhat mawkish, this years` harvest of notable souls has been ...

Ministry of Magic 

18 Dec

Of all the government departments labouring away in the dark recesses of Whitehall, none is more expert at artifice, trickery and prestidigitation than the secretive Ministry of Magic...

Rogue One 

14 Dec

When something outrageous or provocative is broadcast on television or radio, there is a simple solution that could avoid a dangerous increase in blood pressure, impotent fury and a desire to hit the domestic appliance with an unusually heavy object.

Never mind Christmas Eve boxes – why advent calendars of presents are the real scourge of Christmas 

5 Dec

Some kids are getting presents - not chocolate - in their advent calendar...

Home run 

27 Nov

The chances of Fidel Castro living to the ripe old age of 90 seemed rather slim given that the most powerful nation on earth has devoted considerable energy, resources and the best part of 60 years attempting to secure his removal and death...

Our man in Diego Garcia 

23 Nov

In a surprise move announced by the Foreign Office, former leader of UKIP and renown international diplomat Sir Nigel Farage, PhD, OBE, VC and bar, has been appointed as the next Commissioner of the British Indian Ocean Territory of the Chagos ...

E Pluribus Unum 

9 Nov

The voting places are beginning to close and in the next few hours the 45th President of the United States will be democratically elected...

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Arts & Culture »

All Puns Blazing 

9 Dec

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY SISTERS B2, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Friday 8 th December, 2017   One Christmas tradition that doesn’t get me bah-humbugging all the way home, is the Belgrade Theatre’s annual alternative production to the (...

Rocking In Silence At Blackwell Grange 

5 Dec

One of our brand new local favourite wedding venues is the delightful Blackwell Grange in Shipston-On-Stour.

Magic and Mess make for success 

2 Dec

CINDERELLA Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Friday 1 st December, 2017   Writer, director and jovial genius Iain Lauchlan is back at the Belgrade for another triumphant year with a winning pantomime that blends traditional with new elements.

Dirty Stops Outs – Coventry Music,venues and Entertainments in the 1970’s 

21 Nov

Dirty Stops Outs - Coventry Music, venues and Entertainments in the 1970's- New Book Out by Ruth Cherrington.

Robin Trower Band 

21 Nov

Robin Trower Band by Pete Clemons The fact that so much has been mentioned recently of the music from that period, I have found myself listening to a lot of releases from 1967.

Show of Hands – Coventry Cathedral 

17 Nov

Show of Hands – Coventry Cathedral By Pete Clemons Concerts in cathedrals are usually extraordinary events.

Crokodile Tears 

12 Nov

Crokodile Tears by Pete Clemons I recently spent a delightful hour or two in the company of a couple of Coventry musicians who, it is fair to say, have both been at the bedrock of a large part of the local music scene for almost forty years.

The Cavern Club and the Belgrade Theatre 

7 Nov

The Cavern Club and the Belgrade Theatre by Pete Clemons Hands up.

Full of the Devil 

1 Nov

LIVING WITH THE LIGHTS ON Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, Wednesday 1 st November, 2017   I am welcomed into the temporary, pop-up theatre by writer-performer Mark Lockyer.

YES – at 50 

31 Oct

Yes - at 50 By Pete Clemons Rock band ‘Yes’ have recently entered their 50th year in existence.

Stan Webb and Chicken Shack 

24 Oct

Stan Webb and Chicken Shack by Pete Clemons One of the most prized 7 inch singles I own is titled ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ by blues band Chicken Shack released on the Blue Horizon label during 1969.

No-Man – Returning Jesus 

18 Oct

No-Man – Returning Jesus By Pete Clemons No-Man are: Steven Wilson Tim Bowness No-Man – Returning Jesus I guess we could all make that great claim for a great band yet to be discovered.

Tim Bowness, Blue Orange Theatre, Birmingham – 30 September 

10 Oct

Tim Bowness, Blue Orange Theatre, Birmingham - 30 September by Pete Clemons It is not often I can say that I have attended a gig where not one song performed throughout the entire evening has been from a latest release.

Punk Is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night – Richard Cabut / No Future: Punk, Politics And British Youth Culture – Matthew Worley 

8 Oct

PUNK IS DEAD: MODERNITY KILLED EVERY NIGHT This original collection of insight, analysis and conversation charts the course of punk from its underground origins, when it was an un-formed and utterly alluring near-secret – back in the garage, when ...

The Bee Gees – Benn Hall, Rugby 1967 

2 Oct

The Bee Gees – Benn Hall, Rugby 1967 by Pete Clemons This coming December sees a show advertised as ‘Jive Talkin’ perform The Bee Gees – ‘The timeless repertoire of the Bee Gees is brought to life in this stunning stage production’.

Chic and the Coventry Dance Club Scene 

2 Oct

Chic By Pete Clemons The 70s UK disco era, an import from America, covered a broad brush of music styles.

Coventry Music Museum – New EP and Label! 

26 Sep

Coventry Music Museum - New EP and Label! By Pete Clemons How many music related exhibitors can boast their own record label? Very few I suspect, if any at all, would be the correct answer.

Daniel Wylie – More Melodic Sunshine…………. 

15 Sep

More Melodic Sunshine………….

Judy Dyble – Talking About Strangers 

15 Sep

Judy Dyble - Talking About Strangers by Pete Clemons Seeing Judy Dyble in concert, fairly regularly over the last few years, has been one of the more memorable and most enjoyable gigs on my calendar.

Train of Thought 

11 Sep

THE RAILWAY CHILDREN Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Monday 11 th September, 2017   With delicious irony, the fates delay the curtain up on this play centring around trains.

A Dog Without Purpose 

5 Sep

FAITHFUL RUSLAN Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Tuesday 5 th September, 2017   If George Orwell had written Lassie Come Home it might have turned out something like this: heavy with political allegory and mired in the harshness of life.

The Dirt Road Blues Band 

13 Aug

The Dirt Road Blues Band by Pete Clemons I don’t think that it’s an exaggeration to say that Leamington Spa is blessed with its fair share of blues performers.

A chat with Kristian Hartridge – Moom. Sometime during 1995/96 

10 Aug

A chat with Kristian Hartridge – Moom.

The Pineapple Thief – Where We Stood 

10 Aug

The Pineapple Thief – Where We Stood by Pete Clemons The last time I wrote at length about The Pineapple Thief was around the time of the bands tenth studio album ‘Magnolia’ being released.

Callum Pickard and the Third Look 

2 Aug

Callum Pickard and the Third Look by Pete Clemons https://www.

Badfinger at the Godiva Festival 

23 Jul

Badfinger at the Godiva Festival by Pete Clemons And as the sun continued to beat down Coventry’s adopted band, Badfinger, took to the stage shortly before 3pm for their debut gig in the city.

RiD (Rock in Defiance) 

20 Jul

RiD (Rock in Defiance) by Pete Clemons Rid on Facebook https://www.

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