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Out and about weather (WS7 weather report 21-7-2018) 

21 Jul 18

There are plenty of local events that require some good weather today and, I believe, that the weather gods will deliver some for them.

Air pressure decreasing (WS7 weather report 20-7-2018) 

20 Jul 18

This morning’s observations see a slow decrease in the air pressure.

Cloudy start to a warm day (WS7 weather report 19-7-2018) 

19 Jul 18

At the time of my observations (06:25 hours) our area was covered in a layer of medium height cloud.

A little cooler yesterday (WS7 weather report 18-7-2018) 

18 Jul 18

It was a little cooler yesterday with a top temperature of ‘only’ 22.7c.

A little cooler (WS7 weather report 17-7-2018) 

17 Jul 18

We received another 0.4mm of rain in our area yesterday.

A little more cloud (WS7 weather report 16-7-2018) 

16 Jul 18

Today starts of, once again, very mild.

High mean temperature so far this month (WS7 weather report 15-7-2018) 

15 Jul 18

It is another bright start to the day.

Hammerwich Hall Fete and Dog Show Weather(WS7 weather report 14-7-2018) 

14 Jul 18

Yesterday, for the first day since the 16 June, we received some real, measurable, rain.

Could we see some rain? (WS7 weather report 13-7-2018) 

13 Jul 18

It is another overcast but very mild start to a new day.

Overcast and humid start (WS7 weather report 12-7-2018) 

12 Jul 18

It is a very overcast and humid start to the day with the air temperature at 06:20 hours already at 13.7c.

Up for the cup weather (WS7 weather report 11-7-2018) 

11 Jul 18

It is a slightly cooler start to the day, than of late, with the air temperature at 06:30 hours a mere 12.5c.

Some respite from the heat (WS7 weather report 10-7-2018) 

10 Jul 18

There is some cloud around this morning and the air temperature (at 06:20 hours) was only 14.6c which was the lowest morning reading for a week.

A sticky night (WS7 weather report 9-7-2018) 

9 Jul 18

It is a very warm start to the day today with the air temperature at 06:19 hours already close to 19c.

Cars In The Park and Willenhall Transport Show weather (WS7 weather report 8-7-2018) 

8 Jul 18

As we discussed yesterday today sees the second day of the annual Lichfield cars in the park event.

Pelsall Carnival and Cars In The Park Weather (WS7 weather report 7-7-2018) 

7 Jul 18

Today (and tomorrow) sees the annual Lichfield cars in the park event.

Very hot yesterday (WS7 weather report 6-7-2018) 

6 Jul 18

The air pressure will rise steadily today and will settle at around 1024mb by the end of the day.

looking good ahead (WS7 weather report 5-7-2018) 

5 Jul 18

Similarly to yesterday there is a risk of rain in the south of England and parts of Wales but neither system of rain is likely to reach our area.

Some rain in the south (WS7 weather report 4-7-2018) 

4 Jul 18

There is likely to be some rain today – but not in our area! The synoptic charts are showing some lower air pressure and a risk of rain in and around the south west of England.

Like last year (WS7 weather report 3-7-2018) 

3 Jul 18

It is yet another bright start to the day.

Back to work in the heat? (WS7 weather report 2-7-2018) 

2 Jul 18

There is going to be no respite from the heat for all of us heading back to the school or office today.

Bikini weather? (WS7 weather report 1-7-2018) 

1 Jul 18

It is going to be another very warm today.

UV factor at 8 so take care. (WS7 weather report 30-6-2018) 

30 Jun 18

It is another glorious start to the day and, thankfully, all of us that have worked during the week can also enjoy some sunny weather without being in the confines of an office, factory or classroom.

A mean of 16.5c this month. (WS7 weather report 29-6-2018) 

29 Jun 18

Despite the early cloud today is set to be another very warm day.

26.4c yesterday what about today? (WS7 weather report 28-6-2018) 

28 Jun 18

The day starts off with a full cloud cover but, as the morning passes, this cloud will burn away to leave us with another bright and warm day.

A lot different to 2016 (WS7 weather report 27-6-2018) 

27 Jun 18

It is a misty and slightly cooler start to the day today and, as a consequence, the relative humidity is at its highest level (due to the mist) for nearly a week.

Like giant storage heaters (WS7 weather report 26-6-2018) 

26 Jun 18

My Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station recorded a top temperature of 29.6c at around 18:00 hours yesterday! Today will be another warm day but there will be  slight breeze this afternoon that will keep the thermometer a little lower than we enjoyed …

Cool clothing required (WS7 weather report 25-6-2018) 

25 Jun 18

The synoptic charts clearly show that there is a block of high pressure above our area which means two things for us today.

The start of someting good (WS7 weather report 24-6-2018) 

24 Jun 18

Today’s sees the beginning of a warm spell that, looking at the current synoptic and jet stream charts, should remain with us all week.

Comedy Festival Weather (WS7 weather report 23-6-2018) 

23 Jun 18

The next couple of days will see some cloud cover along with quite a few brighter spells.

Jet stream position (WS7 weather report 22-6-2018) 

22 Jun 18

It is a bright start to the day and, I am pleased to be able to report, that the majority of the day will also see bright spells.

Summer Solstice weather (WS7 weather report 21-6-2018) 

21 Jun 18

Today is the Summer Solstice and, as a consequence, we will see the maximum number of daylight hours.

It was breezy overnight (WS7 weather report 20-6-2018) 

20 Jun 18

It was quite breezy during the early hours of this morning.

Cloudy but mild (WS7 weather report 19-6-2018) 

19 Jun 18

It is a cloudy start to the day and, in the main, we will see a general covering of cloud until early evening.

Not as warm as last year (WS7 weather report 18-6-2018) 

18 Jun 18

It is a bright but breezy start to the day but the good news is that the air temperature at 06:23 hours was already at 14.4c and, along with the surface ir pressure, was steadily rising.

Father’s Day Weather (WS7 weather report 17-6-2018) 

17 Jun 18

Father’s day starts off bright with the odd localised spot of rain and a little breezy.

Some rain today? (WS7 weather report 16-6-2018) 

16 Jun 18

Today starts off a little cloudy and the rain radar images show that some measurable rain is likely in our area this morning.

After Storm Hector (WS7 weather report 15-6-2018) 

15 Jun 18

After yesterday’s breezy interlude (which was caused by the low pressure system named Storm Hector) today returns to much calmer and milder weather.

Bernadette’s big birthday weather (WS7 weather report 14-6-2018) 

14 Jun 18

It is still breezy first thing this morning as the surface air pressure (at 06:15 hours approximately) continues to reduce.

Becoming breezy (WS7 weather report 13-6-2018) 

13 Jun 18

Today sees a steady reduction in the surface air pressure as a low pressure moves across the entire UK from the WNW.

Cloudy in Hammerwich (WS7 weather report 12-6-2018) 

12 Jun 18

It is a cloudy start to the day in Hammerwich but the air temperature (at 06:30 hours) was already a pleasant 13c.

Bright day (WS7 weather report 11-6-2018) 

11 Jun 18

We are set for another partly cloudy with plenty of bright spells to warm up the area.

Staffordshire Iron Man day weather (WS7 weather report 10-6-2018) 

10 Jun 18

First of all you will not need to be an “Iron Man” to survive today’s weather as it will be a pleasant day with some sunny spells! Our top temperature will be around 21-22c which is a warmer than the same time last year (top temperature on this…

High level cloud (WS7 weather report 9-6-2018) 

9 Jun 18

Today sees the morning begin with a mild air temperature (13c at 08:00 hours) and a covering of high level cloud.

A drop of rain to help the garden (WS7 weather report 8-6-2018) 

8 Jun 18

This morning our gardens have received a drop of rain (around 4mm) to help revive them after, what has been, a dry spell of around a week.

Better than last year (WS7 weather report 7-6-2018) 

7 Jun 18

This time last year we were in the middle of a few day period when around 28mm of rain fell in our area.

Back to a bright start (WS7 weather report 6-6-2018) 

6 Jun 18

After yesterday’s overcast welcoming we are back to a bright start to the day.

A more comfortable night (WS7 weather report 5-6-2018) 

5 Jun 18

With a slight drop in air temperature yesterday (our top temperature was 18.8c at around 12:30 hours)  we were all able to enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Not quite so hot (WS7 weather report 4-6-2018) 

4 Jun 18

Today starts off very warm and humid with the air temperature, similar to yesterday, already near 16c at 06:30 hours.

16c at 08:00 hours (WS7 weather report 3-6-2018) 

3 Jun 18

It is another very mild start to the day with the air temperature at 08:00 hours already above 16c.

A bit of a breeze (WS7 weather report 2-6-2018) 

2 Jun 18

As I write this post at approximately 07:45 hours the air temperature is already pushing towards 16c.