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Back reporting (WS7 weather report 25-9-2018) 

25 Sep 18

Firstly, can I apologise for not presenting my usual weather blog yesterday, however, I was a little too ‘under the weather’ to be able to sit and write.

First day of Autumn weather (WS7 weather report 23-9-2018) 

23 Sep 18

Today is the first day of Autumn (astronomically) and the weather is trying to welcome in the new season in typical Autumnal fashion.

Travel risk tomorrow but what about today? (WS7 weather report 22-9-2018) 

22 Sep 18

It was a mild but overcast start to the day.

Windy today and over the weekend? (WS7 weather report 21-9-2018) 

21 Sep 18

During the early hours (00:34 hours) my slightly sheltered anemometer recorded wind speeds of 35mph.

Calm before the storm? (WS7 weather report 20-9-2018) 

20 Sep 18

Our area had already seen some overnight rain by the time of my observations and the rain radar images and forecast models show that we are 99% certain of seeing further rain in our area today.

Today – better than tomorrow? (WS7 weather report 19-9-2018) 

19 Sep 18

It is another slightly breezy start to the day but the synoptic charts do show that the points of similar air pressure will widen overnight reducing the wind speed (a little) tomorrow.

Breezy time (WS7 weather report 18-9-2018) 

18 Sep 18

It is quite a breezy start to the day with wind speeds averaging around 15mph and gust speeds into the late 20s.

Mild for the time of year (WS7 weather report 17-9-2018) 

17 Sep 18

It was a very mild start to the day with the air temperature already at around 17c by 06:40 hours.

Talk of storms (WS7 weather report 16-9-2018) 

16 Sep 18

This morning has started off with a bit of a breeze and some cloud cover but, overall, it is quite a pleasant start to the day.

T20 finals day weather. (WS7 weather report 15-9-2018) 

15 Sep 18

It was a very bright start to the day.

Another red sky morning. (WS7 weather report 14-9-2018) 

14 Sep 18

For the second morning in succession a beautiful “red sky” welcomed the new day.

Forecast for today and a look at the weekend’s weather too. (WS7 weather report 13-9-2018) 

13 Sep 18

There was a lovely ‘red sky’ (at 06:30 hours) to greet the morning and although this canoften  suggest that there is a risk of some rain this will not be the case today.

Wet start but will it improve? (WS7 weather report 12-9-2018) 

12 Sep 18

After the breezy start yesterday today sees a damp start to the day with 5.6mm of rain falling late last night and during the early hours of today.

Breezy start (WS7 weather report 11-9-2018) 

11 Sep 18

It was quite breezy when I made my observations at approximately 06:20 hours this morning.

Last few days of summer (WS7 weather report 10-9-2018) 

10 Sep 18

Today see the commencement of the last fortnight of summer.

Ruby wedding weather (WS7 weather report 9-9-2018) 

9 Sep 18

Today’s is the fortieth anniversary of my brother and sister in laws wedding.

Rain radar images tell the story (WS7 weather report 8-9-2018) 

8 Sep 18

It is a very overcast start to the day.

Friday’s forecast – red sky in morning (WS7 weather report 7-9-2018) 

7 Sep 18

At the time of my observations we had a ‘red sky in morning’.

Cool start but is there a risk of rain today? (WS7 weather report 6-9-2018) 

6 Sep 18

Today sees the coolest start to the day for around a week.

Overcast start to the day (WS7 weather report 5-9-2018) 

5 Sep 18

It was a very overcast start to the day but fear not because this is not the commencement of a wet and rainy day.

Back to school in early rain (WS7 weather report 4-9-2018) 

4 Sep 18

It is a damp and rainy start to the day with light rain falling in outr area at the time of my observations.

Not quite as warm as yesterday (WS7 weather report 3-9-2018) 

3 Sep 18

As I promised in yesterday’s blog the air pressure has reduce a little today and there is a risk of some risk of rain this morning.

A lovely start – Summer is still with us! (WS7 weather report 2-9-2018) 

2 Sep 18

It was a truly lovely start to the day with the sun shining brightly at 07:30 hours.

A new month and season (WS7 weather report 1-9-2018) 

1 Sep 18

At 06:30 hours this morning a light mist and a heavy dew greeted the new month and the first day of the meteorological autumn.

Last day of the meteorological summer (WS7 weather report 31-8-2018) 

31 Aug 18

Today is the last day of the meteorological summer   which are different from the astrological seasons.

Jet stream on the up (WS7 weather report 30-8-2018) 

30 Aug 18

It is a cooler start to the day with the air temperature 8.7c at 06:15 hours.

Looking promising ahead (WS7 weather report 29-8-2018) 

29 Aug 18

It is a very cloudy / overcast start to the day and this will bring a slight risk of some early light drizzle.

Back to work Tuesday weather (WS7 weather report 28-8-2018) 

28 Aug 18

On this date, last year, we recorded the warmest Bank Holiday Monday (25.1c in our area).

Bank Holiday Monday Weather (WS7 weather report 27-8-2018) 

27 Aug 18

It is another overcast start to the day but the good news is that the barometer is steadily rising.

Bank Holiday Sunday Weather (WS7 weather report 26-8-2018) 

26 Aug 18

It is a very overcast start to the day with he air temperature, once again, falling below 10c overnight.

Bank Holiday Saturday Weather (WS7 weather report 25-8-2018) 

25 Aug 18

It is a chilly start to the day with the air temperature dipping down to 8.4c at around 5am this morning.

Last working day before the Bank Holiday weather (WS7 weather report 24-8-2018) 

24 Aug 18

It is a bright start to the day, however, if you are going for a walk in the park you may still find it a little damp under foot following yesterday’s rain (around 12mm) and this morning’s dew.

Some overnight rain (WS7 weather report 23-8-2018) 

23 Aug 18

As we discussed yesterday the movement southwards of the jet stream has delivered some cooler and less settled weather to our area.

Jet Stream Heading South (WS7 weather report 22-8-2018) 

22 Aug 18

The jet stream is beginning its steady movement southwards but, for today, the “stream” will remain running across the upper reaches of the UK.

Warmest start for many days (WS7 weather report 21-8-2018) 

21 Aug 18

At 06:23 hours this morning the air temperature was at the lowest measurement since midnight and, yet, it was still a very mild and humid 17.9c!  This is the warmest start we have to a day since  2 August 2018.

A brighter start (WS7 weather report 20-8-2018) 

20 Aug 18

This morning (at my 06:30 hours observations) started off a lot brighter than yesterday morning and, due to more settled air pressure, the breeze was merely a whisper.

Had to put the light on (WS7 weather report 19-8-2018) 

19 Aug 18

It is an extremely overcast start to the day today.

Tropical storm Ernesto – a lot of talk? (WS7 weather report 18-8-2018) 

18 Aug 18

There is a lot of excited paper talk about tropical Storm Ernesto with the Daily Express using the headline “UK weather WARNING: Brutal Tropical Storm Ernesto to SMASH Britain in 24 hours”.

Coolest start for a week (WS7 weather report 17-8-2018) 

17 Aug 18

This morning’s observations show that today was the coolest start (11.2c) since the 10th August 2018.

Rain around this morning but for how long? (WS7 weather report 16-8-2018) 

16 Aug 18

The overnight / early morning precipitation has certainly left its mark with around 7mm of rain being deposited in our area by 06:30 hours.

Air pressure change today (WS7 weather report 15-8-2018) 

15 Aug 18

There will be a gradual change in the surface air pressure as the day passes today.

A settled day (WS7 weather report 14-8-2018) 

14 Aug 18

Today will see a day of ‘settled’ weather as the air pressure will slowly increase from 1014mb to 1016mb as the day passes.

Adrian’s birthday signals a slight weather improvement (WS7 weather report 13-8-2018) 

13 Aug 18

It is a cloudy but dry start to the day with the air temperature at 06:35 hours a mild 15.8c.

Wet start (WS7 weather report 12-8-2018) 

12 Aug 18

It is a wet start to the day with some early morning rain having already fallen in our area by the time I made my observations at approximately 07:12 hours.

What’s the risk of rain today? (WS7 weather report 11-8-2018) 

11 Aug 18

Another bright start greets us this morning although, like yesterday, it is cooler than of late.

More rain today? (WS7 weather report 10-8-2018) 

10 Aug 18

It is another cool but bright start to the day.

We had rain! (WS7 weather report 9-8-2018) 

9 Aug 18

Yesterday saw the first measurable rain in our area this month! Although only 0.4mm was collected by the rain gauge I am sure that the garden felt the rain was a welcome visitor just the same.

Cooler start but still mild (WS7 weather report 8-8-2018) 

8 Aug 18

It is a noticeably cooler start to the day today.

Warmest in the east. (WS7 weather report 7-8-2018) 

7 Aug 18

It was a very mild start to the day when I made my observations at 06:30 hours this morning.

Jet stream position will bring change. (WS7 weather report 6-8-2018) 

6 Aug 18

Today sees the beginning of a slight change in the jet stream position.