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The female face of poverty in the UK 

31 Jul 18

Why are women more likely to be poorer than men? Poverty is a gendered experience.

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Feminist book fortnight: two weeks in June 

24 Apr 18

Bookshops around the country will be highlighting the diversity of feminist books.

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Inside the ivory tower 

21 Nov 17

“I am frequently asked why so few women of colour hold leadership roles in academia – the answers lie in this book.

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Staff training course now online 

23 Feb 17

New, bespoke ‘help for students’ module for university staff developed.

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Supporting courage in the face of adversity 

27 Oct 16

Liberty held its annual Human Rights Awards event on 26 October.

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The crisis facing the elderly and their carers 

29 Feb 16

Looking at the impact of austerity on those delivering care to older people.

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Pension myths and trickery 

2 Nov 15

Cashing in pension pots is ‘the biggest con of all’, nothing more than a tax fishing exercise.

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Review criminal courts charge now 

25 Aug 15

Campaign for an urgent review of the Criminal Courts Charge launched.

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Call for review of the criminal courts charge 

24 Aug 15

Campaign for an urgent review of the Criminal Courts Charge launched.

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Women’s football match re-enacted 

4 Sep 14

Inter-factory matches in First World War raised money for Coventry’s wounded soldiers.

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Radio DJ Liz Kershaw on sexism at the BBC 

11 Apr 14

Ex-Radio 1 presenter claims as a woman she was seen as an interloper.

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New women’s history project launched 

12 Mar 14

New online project launched to celebrate Sheroes of History.

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My first Reclaim the Night 

11 Mar 14

‘Standing shoulder to shoulder with one another the fear disappeared.

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International Women’s Week: more events 

27 Feb 14

Details of two more interesting events celebrating IWD.

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International Women’s Week: Coventry events 

26 Feb 14

This year there is a great programme of events.

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Events 24 February – 2 March 

24 Feb 14

Here are some dates for your diary of woman-centric events going on around the UK this week.

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National call for ATOS to be scrapped 

14 Feb 14

Demonstrations against ATOS will be taking place all across the UK on Wednesday 19 February 2014.

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Body respect at every size 

20 Jan 14

Social justice as the route to health.

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Events 16 – 22 December 

16 Dec 13

Here are some dates for your diary of woman-centric events going on around the UK this week.

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Barrier free tourism, disabled women and travel 

2 Dec 13

Women’s travel needs often overlooked, writes Eleanor Lisney, disabled activist.

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Talking about women and transport 

22 Nov 13

Leading women in the transport sector discussed women and transport .

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‘Rape is Rape’ campaign launch 

14 Nov 13

Driving home the message that ‘sex without consent is rape’.

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New video challenge for young disabled people 

4 Oct 13

Competition for under-25s so they can share their hopes for the future of public transport.

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Sleeping ‘rough’ for charity 

18 Sep 13

A Coventry charity’s sponsored sleep out raised awareness of the needs of street-based sex workers.

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Sleep out to raise money 

7 Aug 13

Supporters of a charity in Coventry will be sleeping rough to raise funds.

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When the whole world walks out 

22 Jul 13

Everyday stories from Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre Content warning for stories of sexual abuse Tanya Weaver and Lina Statham of the Regency Runners , a women’s running group based in Leamington Spa, recently organised a fund-raising ball …

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Report shows effect of cuts on BAME women 

12 Jul 13

And the spending review is making a bad situation worse.

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Laura Knight exhibition in London 

10 Jul 13

Laura Knight (1877 –1970) was one of the most popular and pioneering British artists of the twentieth century.

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Events 8-14 July 2013 

8 Jul 13

Some events for and about women around the UK in the week 8-14 July.

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Respect Me! A poet’s call 

28 Jun 13

Last week I performed a poem I wrote about street harassment.

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Profiting from violence against women 

27 Jun 13

Giving private sector giants like G4S contracts threatens services to victims of violence against women.

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Women conscripts in World War factories 

24 Jun 13

Staff at Coventry Transport Museum have been preparing a summer exhibition: War Effort .

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Coalition is increasing female inequality 

20 May 13

“Austerity is not an excuse for discrimination.

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Fat shaming is a feminist issue 

8 May 13

Women’s Hour looked at an important under-reported issue recently: the public ‘fat shaming’ of women.

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Coventry Women launch harassment project 

10 Apr 13

A new initiative to map the harassment women experience in Coventry.

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Thatcher and the shadow of the workhouse 

9 Apr 13

Jane Osmond, WVoN co-editor, expresses her anger at Thatcher’s legacy.

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Public Spaces and Gender Survey 

4 Mar 13

Background here: http://www.

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Women, safety and public spaces 

4 Mar 13

Survey reveals scope and effects of sexual harassment of women in Coventry.