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Sky Blues
Episode 188 – Lovely Wembley 

12 Jun 18

Well, we did it! Hopefully you’ve not calmed down in the slightest.

Sky Blues
Understanding this sky blue heart of mine ???? 

31 May 18

We are going up.

Sky Blues
Episode 187 – Friday Night Winner! 

21 May 18

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta win play-off semi-finals on Fridayyy.

Sky Blues
Episode 186 – First Leg Stamp 

14 May 18

City take a 1-1 draw to Meadow Lane and the Niis are now really nervous.

Sky Blues
Episode 185 – Disgrace of Ricóh: The day the world wept 

9 May 18

How bloody dare they?!? Making the play-offs for the first time in their history, with the result they needed? You Sky Blues swines, doing that thing.

Sky Blues
Episode 184 – Ain’t Nobody 

30 Apr 18

A thumping 6-1 has put City on the brink of those lovely play-offs.

Sky Blues
Episode 183 – Being Imped 

25 Apr 18

Two big games.

Sky Blues
Episode 182 – Blame it on the bobble 

17 Apr 18

The Niis are joined by Laurie to discuss how Cov managed to beat Crawley.

Sky Blues
Episode 181 – Notts very good 

10 Apr 18

The Niis ponder consecutive defeats and whether Robins fiddling and guessing is a good idea at such a crucial stage of the season.

Sky Blues
Episode 180 – WTF 

3 Apr 18

The Niis are joined by Laurie to balance their time equally across the Easter fixtures, but naturally focus the majority of their attention on that bad thing that happened on Monday.

Sky Blues
Episode 179 – A run of the mill 4-0 victory 

29 Mar 18

#standard Neil is off the grid this week so Dom steps up to provide some positivity to balance Paul’s comfortingly curmudgeonly take on a joyful 4-0 win against a desperate Gary McSheffrey-toting Grimsby side.

Sky Blues
Episode 178 – Hurricane Gresty 

21 Mar 18

The Niis discuss wind, Jonson’s temper, Bayliss’s brilliance, and everything else that contributed to a gosh darn effective performance against Crewe.

Sky Blues
Episode 177 – Ryan Haynes’ Soccer Skillz 

14 Mar 18

Two very different games generate four useful points, but it could have been more.

Sky Blues
Episode 176 – Thou shalt not besmirch Mark Robins 

26 Feb 18

The Niis salute a mighty fine point in the face of adversity, an absolutely mental tackle by Michael Doyle, and the wondrous stride of Tom Bayliss.

Sky Blues
Episode 175 – Not Maniacs 

21 Feb 18

The Niis spend time figuring out what went on against Brighton, and even more time figuring out what’s going to happen for the rest of this season.

Sky Blues
Episode 174 – That Train’s Never Late 

14 Feb 18

Like a glove you’ve had for ages that smells awful A duvet that the corpse was found draped inside The comfort food that ruins your intestines Coventry lose three games on the bounce again document.

Sky Blues
The pre-game ramble: Accrington Stanley 

10 Feb 18

It’s community day, you guys! Time to enjoy supporting the club amongst a baying mob of two million school children.

Sky Blues
Episode 173 – Go to bed! 

7 Feb 18

Paul’s parenting is put under the microscope (microphone) as the Niis also consider life in a post-Stevenson world.

Sky Blues
Episode 172 – Dom and Neil’s Excellent Adventure 

31 Jan 18

Mainly carvery and Keanu Reeves chat this week.

Sky Blues
Episode 171 – If you pause it you can see the exact moment Swindon’s heart breaks 

24 Jan 18

We’re back in the game.

Sky Blues
Episode 170 – RIP Cyrille Regis 

16 Jan 18

We spend most of the podcast paying tribute to the Coventry City legend who sadly passed this week before moving on to the reviewing the Exeter game, previewing the Swindon game and attempting to break the record for the amount of times a …

Sky Blues
The pre-game ramble: Exeter City 

13 Jan 18

That was the week that was.

Sky Blues
Episode 169 – Nice 

9 Jan 18

Slash, Wedgwood… Your boys took one hell of a beating.

Sky Blues
Episode 168 – Here’s loads of football 

2 Jan 18

Match alert.

Sky Blues
Sky Blues Blog Awards 2017 

28 Dec 17

Relegation and Wembley victory all in the same calendar year.

Sky Blues
The pre-game ramble: Wycombe Wanderers 

22 Dec 17

Freezing Friday night football at the Ricoh beckons.

Sky Blues
Episode 167 – Merry Christmas! 

20 Dec 17

It’s the usual biz for the Lamptey boyz.

Sky Blues
DARN READABLE – 29 Minutes from Wembley: The Inside Story of Coventry City’s 1980/81 season 

13 Dec 17

Writer Steve Phelps dons an investigative hat once more in his new book chronicling the tale of one of City’s greatest ever teams.

Sky Blues
Episode 166 – Sky Blue Book Club part two (w/Steve Phelps) 

13 Dec 17

Cov fan, author, and all round top fella Steve Phelps joined us this week to complete a Sky Blue book double feature.

Sky Blues
Episode 165 – Sky Blue Book Club part one (w/Jim Brown) 

6 Dec 17

The Lamptey Boyz are joined by club statistician and historian Jim Brown to talk about his latest book, ‘Play Up Sky Blues – Coventry’s Rise to the Top’ which charts the club’s title winning 1966/67 season.

Sky Blues
Episode 164 – I listened to the Nii Lamptey Show and all I got was this lousy t-shirt 

29 Nov 17

Cheap as chips and spun from pure gold, wearing a Nii Lamptey Show t-shirt will make members of your preferred gender of sexual partner drop to their knees and worship at your feet.

Sky Blues
Episode 163 – In death, his name is Stephen Hughes 

16 Nov 17

We’re back and ready to rock your world with some updated Cov City chat.

Sky Blues
Episode 162 – Interviewed by Mist 

25 Oct 17

You-know-who returns.

Sky Blues
The pre-game ramble: Colchester United 

21 Oct 17

Welcome to the end times.

Sky Blues
Episode 161 – Forcing the ‘Forcing the Issue’ Issue 

19 Oct 17

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows.

Sky Blues
The pre-game ramble: Accrington Stanley 

14 Oct 17

Don’t mention the advert.

Sky Blues
Episode 160 – The Triumphant Return of Only Covvect! 

10 Oct 17

The match was boring.

Sky Blues
Grimmer wins PFA Fans’ Player of the Month 

7 Oct 17

Jack Grimmer wins the first League 2 PFA Fans’ Player of the Month Award of the 2017/18 Season It may be a bit of a surprise, but it’s certainly a welcome one.

Sky Blues
The pre-game ramble: Barnet 

7 Oct 17

Win convincingly and not only will we go top for three hours, but there’s a chance you might even enjoy that bonus afternoon trip to Central Six.

Sky Blues
Episode 159 – Deft 

3 Oct 17

Pretty deft this week, mates.

Sky Blues
1000 words on that: Coventry City 1 – 0 Crewe Alexandra 

2 Oct 17

City claim their third win in a week.

Sky Blues
The pre-game ramble: Crewe Alexandra 

30 Sep 17

Victory over Exeter and Swindon has put City at great risk of being good.

Sky Blues
Episode 158 – Kelly Evans² 

25 Sep 17

49 minutes of good spirited football chat and one Big Hero 6 comparison that will blow your balls off.

Sky Blues
1000 words on that: Coventry City 2 – 0 Exeter City 

25 Sep 17

Just spent Saturday afternoon spanking the unbeaten league leaders and inducting a new miniature hero.

Sky Blues
The pre-game ramble: Exeter City 

23 Sep 17

The Sky Blues will be trying their ruddy hardest to waft some pressure on league leaders Exeter City in what is quite literally, football.

Sky Blues
The pre-game ramble: Cambridge Utd 

16 Sep 17

A visit to the spiritual home of Dion Dublin’s moustache awaits.

Sky Blues
Episode 157 – Lampteython 2017 

13 Sep 17

The Bloody Lads bring you some sunshine in the form of their analysis of the last two games.

Sky Blues
The pre-game ramble: Pork Vale 

9 Sep 17

The Pork Valians potter down to the Ricoh while we celebrate the triumphant return of Matty Roper.

Sky Blues
Episode 156 – Crowbar on the mind 

4 Sep 17

“It’s football fans ain’t it?!” document.

Sky Blues
Episode 155 – Neil just shouting ‘TONE’ 

1 Sep 17

Paul has taken a vow of silence this week so Dominic Jerams (@SideSammy) of sidewayssammy.