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Gregory Bull and Friends – The Books 

3 Feb 18

Perdam Babylonis Nomen by Gregory Bull.

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Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night – Richard Cabut Resonance FM Interview 

21 Jan 18

This interview was recorded at the Resonance studio in Borough, London, mid-November 2017, but has remained unaired due to administrative difficulties.

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Punk Is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night – Richard Cabut / No Future: Punk, Politics And British Youth Culture – Matthew Worley 

8 Oct 17

PUNK IS DEAD: MODERNITY KILLED EVERY NIGHT This original collection of insight, analysis and conversation charts the course of punk from its underground origins, when it was an un-formed and utterly alluring near-secret – back in the garage, when …

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HALLOWEEN – P.W. Barnabas / Coil – L.A.Y.L.A.H Records – 1984 

31 Oct 16

COIL – How To Destroy Angels I have placed up ‘Halloween’ by P.

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Rockaway Park – Temple Cloud – Somerset. 

9 Jul 16

I have been to visit Rockaway Park based at Temple Cloud, a tiny village in Somerset four times now.

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The Cravats – Overground Records – 2016 

14 Apr 16

The Cravats – Overground Records – 2016 Anyone who has had even a vague love of punk music over the last thirty five  years will know The Cravats or, at least, be aware of their existence.

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Tony D talks with Thurston Moore on B.B.C’s Artsnight programme – March 2016 

19 Mar 16

M: Hey Tony, hello there.

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Raped / Cuddly Toys – Parole / Overseas Records – 1977 / 1978 / 1979 

11 Jan 16

During the late summer of 2015, Tony D and Faebian Kwest, the guitarist from Raped / Cuddly Toys got together for the first time in thirty five years.

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Poison Girls – Persons Unknown / Statement Orchestral – All The Madmen Records – 2015 

19 Dec 15


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Negativland – Seeland Records – 1980 

16 Nov 15

Side PRE Side POST The debut album by Negativland from 1980 is a strange listen indeed and some parts are quite scary if you are happy to sit in a quiet dark room! Synths, radio cut ups, random noises (drills / hoovers etc) the odd primitive drum …

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Love Songs From Rosemary’s Baby – T.O.P.Y World Network – 1985 

31 Oct 15

Om / The Power Of Love Emabs Byos Y’Rra / See Woman See Human / 1 Vortex Rosemary’s Baby was the musical arm of Ricerche Studi Babalon (RSB), the Italian ‘access point’ of the Temple Ov Psychick Youth (T.

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Psychic T.V – C.B.S acetate – 1983 

3 Oct 15

Psychic T.

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Anarka And Poppy – The lost All The Madmen recordings – 1984 / This Bitter Lesson – The Value Of Defiance – 1982 / Crass – The final interview Dial House – 1984 / Blyth Power – Meanwhile Gardens – 1986 

29 Aug 15

Anarka And Poppy – The lost All The Madmen recordings – 1984 In January 2015, Louise from the band Hysteria Ward contacted me to ask if I was interested in a load of stuff in a box.

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Exit-stance – Exit-stance Records – 1984 / Rema Rema / Door And The Window 

19 Jul 15

Esthetics Conspiracy Of Silence Exit-stance, not the Milton Keynes punk band that released records on Mortahate and supported Conflict from time to time.

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Rubella Ballet – Centro Iberico – 2/5/82 

30 May 15

Rubella Ballet performance After receiving a cassette of a Rubella Ballet performance at the Centro Iberico in 1982 from Peck, originally from Colchester but now a long time Ipswich resident along with getting a large box of paperwork and photographs…

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Screaming Dead – Skull Records – 1982 / Beltane Festival / The Laila Mythology / 

1 May 15

Valley Of The Dead Schoolgirl Junkie / Lilith For the Beltane (the beginning of summer) I am placing Screaming Dead up on KYPP.

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Scientist Meets The Roots Radics – Selena Records – 1981 

2 Apr 15

Jah Army / Flabba Is Wild / Some Dub / Whip Them / Fighting Radics Kill The Devils Wife / Jah Is Love / Wa Di Is Free / Best Dub On Ya / Forward Dis Ya Dub Here is scratchy old record that I have pulled out for today, I actually wanted to share the…

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Toxic Grafity: Reflections on Self-hood and Revolution 

14 Mar 15

14th February, 2015 I write this on a significant date.

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Not Just Bits Of Paper – Greg Bull / Mickey ‘Penguin’ – Part 1 – Pictures Of Pain re-release – All The Madmen records 

22 Feb 15

Not Just Bits Of Paper – Greg Bull / Mickey ‘Penguin’ – ISBN: 9781505703382 “We have our own words, scrawled on bits of paper smudged with some grimy hope.

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Ha! Ha! Funny Polis – Groucho Marxist Records – 1981 / Quango – First World Problem Records – 2013 

18 Jan 15

Defiant Pose – Fight / Urban Enemies – Who Do You Hate? The Fegs – Mill Street Law And Order / X.

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‘The Truth Of Revolution Brother’ Book Launch – Brixton Windmill – December 2014 / Crass Interview 1984 / World Domination Enterprises 1985 

13 Dec 14

ISBN 978-0-9930190-0-5 to order from book stores or buy direct from HERE During a wet and rainy Thursday night in Brixton south London a book launch was being held.

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Brigandage – Gung Ho Records – 1986 / John Peel session – 1983 

23 Nov 14

Pretty Funny Thing / One Touch / Ripped And Torn (DOWNLOAD) Horsey Horsey / I Need Something Part 1 + Part 2 / Angel Of Vengeance (DOWNLOAD) Brigandage were a band that I enjoyed listening to from the earlier 1980’s until the mid 1980’s.

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Crass / Poison Girls – Manchester Mayflower – 17/10/80 

5 Nov 14

Uploaded this November 5th is an exclusive Kill Your Pet Puppy post helped along perhaps not by a cast of thousands, but certainly by the following kindly folk.

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HALLOWEEN by P W Barnabas / PART1 album re-issue on All The Madmen records 

31 Oct 14

Firstly I would like to thank P W Barnabas for allowing me to place the Halloween story onto the Kill Your Pet Puppy site exclusively.

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Recent interviews with Tony D about Kill Your Pet Puppy for Noisey (Vice) / Doomed To Extinction / Maximum Rock And Roll 

9 Sep 14

Tony D (Mick Mercer collection) I’m an intern at Noisey France (Vice magazine musical platform) and I wanted to write an article about Kill Your Pet Puppy.

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Part 1 – Buffalo Bar – London – 29/08/13 – Silent Scream 

19 Aug 14

Part 1 – The Buffalo Bar, Highbury, London, N1 – 29/08/13 August 2013 – The month of much practising and some considerable movement for the newly resurrected band from, ahem, many many moons past, Part 1.

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Dub Syndicate – ONU Sound Records – 1982 

30 Jul 14

Pounding Systems / Hi – Fi Gets A Pounding Part 1 2 / African Head Charge Don’t Care About Space Invader Machines Part 1 2 / Fringe On Top Dub Humourless Journalist Works To Rules / 10K At 0VU – 60 HZ – Mind Boggles / …

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Shameless KYPP advertising section 

11 Jul 14

Flowers In The Dustbin released a 12″ record on All The Madmen records in 1984 and a cassette only release on Rob Challice’s cassette label 96 Tapes again in 1984.

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Degenerate – Del Blyben 

21 Jun 14

DEGENERATE VJ discovered there was an old abandoned mental hospital a couple of stops down the line in Kilburn called St Monica’s where Jake and his friends were squatting, I knew I had to find it.

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Flux / Annie Anxiety / Tackhead Sound System / AR Kane / D&V – U.L.U London – 28/11/86 

5 Jun 14


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The Laila Mythology – Beltane Festival 

1 May 14

I remember visits to Penguin Towers from Laila along with her father Vince several years ago.

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Defiant Pose fanzine 

18 Apr 14

I love a nice surprise and today I get home to find Defiant Pose fanzine volume 8 on my doorstep out of the blue.

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Defiant Pose fanzine 

18 Apr 14

I love a nice surprise and today I get home to find Defiant Pose fanzine volume 8 on my doorstep out of the blue.

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Rubella Ballet – The new recordings 

6 Apr 14

Rubella Ballet ‘Planet Punk’ Overground Records OVER135CD : 689492142025 OVER134LP : 689492142018 (Green vinyl w/CD) Release date: 31st March 2014 “They were the band who bridged the gaps between The Sex Pistols, X Ray Spex, and Crass.

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Everyone is an Anarchist 

11 Mar 14

This is the first draft of a talk I might be giving to an Anarchist Seminar at Glasgow University’s Dumfries Campus in April.

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Alternative TV – Noiseville Records – 1986 

18 Feb 14

Victory / Repulsion You Never Know Today is a sad day.

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Flack – Practice Cassette Tape – 1981 

7 Feb 14

Flack practice tape – 1981 Indebted to the honourable Chris Low for the loan of this cassette tape uploaded tonight, to Andy Martin for the text and to Tod Hanson for the photographs.

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Lee Perry – Lion Of Judah Records – 1978 

1 Jan 14

Soul Fire / Throw Some Water In / Evil Tongues / Curly Locks / Ghetto Sidewalk Favourite Dish / Free Up The Weed / Big Neck Police / Mr D.

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Kenny Morris / Dorothee LaLanne – Temple Records – 1987 

21 Dec 13

La Main Morte Testament D’Auguste Rodin A release from 1987 on the Temple Records imprint.

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Steve Corr / Idiot Strength – 1982 / 1986 

30 Nov 13

Indebted to Steve Corr of Idiot Strength, one of my favourite bands on the mid 1980′s, who jotted down some notes for me to place onto this KYPP post.

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UK Decay – Corpus Christi Records – 1982 

31 Oct 13

Werewolf Jerusalem / Rising From The Dead / Testament On this Halloween morning, I have uploaded my favourite UK Decay single, the last single released in the bands original lifetime, and the only record released on extended play 12″ vinyl …

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Advertisments from Kill Your Pet Puppy 

19 Oct 13

9th November 2013 Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions Zounds The Cravats Craig Temple ‘When…?’ album launch.

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Gerard speaks to Tony D – 2013 / KAOS Radio Austin / Crumblestiltskin Gee – All The Madmen / Kill Your Pet Puppy radio broadcasts – 2013 

13 Oct 13

Sometimes, just sometimes, placing rare records, cassettes and live performance audio along with writing interesting articles relevant to that particular post on Kill Your Pet Puppy can be a bit of a chore! Not on this post though… All the work…

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Nightmares In Wax – KY Records – 1985 

2 Oct 13

Black Leather Shangri – La Uploaded today is the 12″ vinyl re-release by Nightmares In Wax that was originally released in 1979 as a 7″ single on the Inevitable record label.

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The Mob – Red Leftside Radio Athens 105.5 FM – 17/02/12 

29 Sep 13

Uploaded tonight is the very first radio interview with members of The Mob after the band had reformed late on in 2010 ready for The Mob’s first performance in April 2011.

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Sexy Hooligans – Memories of the 100 Club Punk Festival – 20/09/76 

20 Sep 13

Exactly thirty seven years ago tonight, a Monday night, Michelle was waiting in a queue to witness the two day punk festival held at the 100 Club in Oxford Street in the centre of London.

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Alternative TV – Deptford Fun City Records – 1977 / 1978 / 1979 / 1980 

3 Sep 13

For the last two or three days several kindly folks have reminded me of Alternative TV.

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Wasted Youth – Bridgehouse Records – 1981 

23 Aug 13

Maybe We’ll Die / Housewife / Games / Pinned And Grinning / Wasted I Wish I Was A Girl / If Tomorrow / Survivors Part 1 / Survivors Part 2 Wasted Youth were a popular post-punk band between 1979 – 1982, playing a dark psychedelic bohemian…

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Crass – not always clad in black 

12 Aug 13

Before Crass got themselves sorted out they played a few gigs in London, this is one of them – interestingly not all dressed in black.

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King Tubby Meets The Upsetter – Studio 16 Records – 1978 

9 Aug 13

Blood Of Africa / African Roots / Raw Roots / Wood Roots / Luke Lane Dub People From The Grass Roots / Crime Wave / No Justice For The Poor / 300 Years At The Grass Roots / King Tubby And The Upsetter At Spanish Town Uploaded tonight is a 1978 …