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Louis Osbourne – part 2 

12 Sep 18

“I’m very lucky in the fact that there will be so much stuff documented about him and so much video and footage and recordings that he’ll always be close to me in many ways… a lot of people won’t have that.

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Natasha Slater – Concluding part 

7 Sep 18

“Home of Metal, Black Sabbath, Birmingham – those 3 go together like a beer and a cigarette” Listen in to the concluding part of the Black Sabbath oral history from Natasha Slater, all the way from Australia.

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Dez Zonked – part 2 

23 Aug 18

Listen in to the ever charming hilarity from our Sabbath super-fan – Dez Zonked.

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Calling all Sabbath fans of Southern California!!! 

20 Aug 18

Calling all Southern California Black Sabbath Fans! Become a part of metal history and come down to the Obey Clothing Company Store Saturday, August 25th to get your portrait taken for the Home of Metal fan archive and for a chance for your photo to …

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Daniel Bogarín Granados – concluding the story 

16 Aug 18

“it’s difficult to explain that in another language…even in Spanish it’s difficult to…” In the final instalment from our Black Sabbath oral history with Daniel Bogarín Granados we hear his experience of seeing the band live in Costa …

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Shobha Lizaso – no stereotype 

10 Aug 18

We’ve added the concluding part from Shobha Lizaso’s Home of Metal Oral History to our Soundcloud page.

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An Evening with Tony Iommi 

7 Aug 18

Tony Iommi A wonderful evening at Birmingham Town Hall on Saturday 23 rd June when Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath shared his stories and memories to a packed audience, including the origins of the sound, the band and its members and the incredible gigs.

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Mohammad Osama – from discovery to friendship 

31 Jul 18

We celebrate the return of our weekly Oral History posts with the return instalment of our chat with Mohammed Osama.

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Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi returns to Birmingham Symphony Hall in June 

18 May 18

Tony Iommi at Home of Metal Exhibition 2011 Following his sell out show in 2016, the legendary Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi is returning to Birmingham Town Hall for an amazing evening, talking about his life and career.

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Lee Adams – the masters of his reality 

3 May 18

“No wonder they call themselves the Masters of Reality…because that’s what they are…” Meet Brummy through and through – Lee Adams.

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Natasha Slater – from Oz to Oz 

19 Apr 18

“he rolled his eyes and he said “why the **** would you want to get my name tattooed on you?!”” Hear the first part of our Black Sabbath oral history with Natasha Slater who grew up in a small town in Australia but upon her first visit to the…

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Home of Venues 

10 Apr 18

Napalm Death 1986 at the Mermaid Pub in Birmingham – photo courtesy of Digby Pearson (see this and other photos in our archive  ) On hearing about the upcoming closure of one of Birmingham’s longstanding live rock and metal venues, ‘The …

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Oral Histories continued – Ben Dallas 

5 Apr 18

“I always go back to War Pigs as the reference point for how cool a song can possibly be.

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Jaz Singh – a better Sabbath 

29 Mar 18

“With me, when I left school, I was quite a lonely little child, for me Sabbath were that sound where…everything that was in my head just got released… all that anger, the depression, the frustration – Sabbath was my release point …Tony …

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Rosita Piergiorgi – a tribute to Tony 

22 Mar 18

“I was in emotional shock…he was so great, so kind, it was like when you meet someone who is you’re dad or something…Tony is so magnetic…he has this fantastic aura around him” Listen in to part 2 from lifelong Iommi fan – Rosita …

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Black Sabbath Night in São Paulo. 

8 Mar 18

It was a cold rainy night on the 28th of September 2017, we chose the same date of the movie premiere to celebrate the life of our favourite band and one of the most influential artists of all time, the mighty Black Sabbath.

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Aitor Lopez – a Brummie welcome 

22 Feb 18

Meet Aitor from Spain.

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Chris Hopkins – a Black Sabbath anorak! 

16 Feb 18

“I would class myself as a Black Sabbath anorak.

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Shobha Lizaso – the remedy 

7 Feb 18

“It’s complimented me since the time I was 15 til now, I’m 41 and there’s nothing else that’s really been so consistent in my life and been such a remedy for me.

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Jeremy Stewart – giving back to Brum 

30 Jan 18

“I always thought it was important to go back to the start and find out where the new bands came from.

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Geezer Butler to receive Birmingham Walk Of Stars accolade at Villa Park 

23 Jan 18

On Sunday, 3rd February between 3pm – 7pm, Geezer Butler, Black Sabbath’s co-founding member, bass player, songwriter, and main lyricist, is to receive a ‘Birmingham Walk of Stars’ at Aston Villa’s home ground.

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Karen Dizefalo – in Technical Ecstasy 

10 Jan 18

“There’s a part of my life that is connected with every single song.

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The Spirit of Metal Survives in Egypt 

9 Jan 18

Being somewhat of a metal veteran in the Middle East, I was chuffed when I was given the opportunity to organize Home of Metal’s two photoshoots in Egypt and Lebanon.

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Stephen Knowles – Part 2 

20 Dec 17

“You never forget what you grew up with as a Child.

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Stephen Knowles – The Prolific Fan 

13 Dec 17

Enter Stephen Knowles.

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Daniel Bogarín Granados – a Sabbath Pilgrimage 

6 Dec 17

“I wanted to go to a place where I feel some kind of connection” Listen to part 2 of our oral history from Daniel Bogarín Granados and hear about his pilgrimage all the way from Costa Rica, to the historic location of the first Black Sabbath …

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“There is no ‘End’ for me” – Part 2 from Asya Draganova 

22 Nov 17

Continuing on with our Black Sabbath oral histories, today we have part 2 from Asya Draganova a Bulgarian Musician Lecturer in Media Communications working at Birmingham City University.

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The End of The End 

20 Nov 17

To celebrate the release of Black Sabbath’s epic new concert film ‘The End’, Home Of Metal have a special competition especially for fans! We’re going to be giving away 6 copies of the DVD via our Facebook and Twitter pages and all you have …

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Johnny Doom – Concluding Part 2 

15 Nov 17

In the concluding Part 2 of Johnny Doom’s oral history we here about his favourite Sabbath tune and his direct relationship with Brum and the bands spawn out of it.

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Oral Histories Continued – Johnny Doom 

8 Nov 17

Many of you will recognise these dulcet tones – Johnny Doom of Kerrang! Radio speaks here in part 1 of his Oral History.

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Oral Histories – Listen back to round 1 

1 Nov 17

We now have the first round of our Black Sabbath Oral Histories in a neat little play list on Soundcloud.

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Louis Osbourne – born into the Sabbath era 

25 Oct 17

“Ironically my first concert memory is actually seeing ACDC at Bingley Hall (not Black Sabbath) because I was there with my Dad, sat on his lap, watching it from a balcony.

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Jaz Singh – a new start. 

17 Oct 17

Jaz Singh lives in London working for the Metropolitan Police and has been a huge Black Sabbath fan since the age of 16.

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Rosita Piergiorgi – Keeping Tony’s Legacy banner high! 

5 Oct 17

Lifelong fan of Black Sabbath and in particular, Tony Iommi – Rosita Piergiorgi talks of here of her early beginnings with band.

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“I’m a massive Metal head” – Adam Mead, Oral History 

21 Sep 17

Have a listen to the new Home of Metal Oral History with Adam Mead.

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Oral Histories continued – Ben Dallas 

13 Sep 17

Proud Brummie and  massive Sabbath fan Ben Dallas speaks of his homegrown love for our Brummie heroes and the joy he takes in having such an influential band to champion.

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Asya Draganova – Part 1 

6 Sep 17

“You recognise my fandom and you value it in the way that I recognise you as people who have personally influenced me” Asya Draganova is a Bulgarian Lecturer working in Birmingham.

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Home of Metal at Bandung Cassette Festival, Indonesia 

31 Aug 17

This weekend Home of Metal will be at the Festival Kaset Bandung, Indonesia capturing portraits of Black Sabbath fans as part of our ongoing project to document the global fan base.

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Oral Histories continued – Dez Zonked 

30 Aug 17

Dez Zonked, Black Sabbath mega fan, travelled all the way down from Workington, Cumbria to talk to us in Brum about his story and love for Sabbath.

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Memory number 2 – Daniel Bogarín Granados 

23 Aug 17

Be sure to check back on the Home of Metal blog each week as we continue to bring you our collated memories from Black Sabbath fans around the world; speaking of their love for the band, the genre, Birmingham as the Home of Metal and what it truly …

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Black Sabbath – Memories from the Fans 

16 Aug 17

The Home of Metal project has been hearing the stories from Black Sabbath fans around the world about their love for the band, the genre, happy memories of live shows, Birmingham as the Home of Metal and what it truly means to be a Metal head! Over …

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Competition time!!!! 

21 Jul 17

Competition time folks – we’ve joined forces with BMG who are offering 2 invites to come along to the launch party for Black Sabbath  ‘The Ten Year War’ box set – on Wednesday 26th July in London – with some very special guests.

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Top 10 covers from Black Sabbath’s Black Sabbath 

21 May 17

It’s Friday 13 th , 1970.

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Hell Bent For Leather Art Exhibition 

10 May 17

Bill Sneyd our longest serving Home of Metal volunteer with Rob Halford at Parliament Tattoo hosts of the Hell Bent For Leather exhibition As the Metal God would’ve announced himself: It’s a rainy Thursday night in North London – and The Priest…

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Battle jackets: rebellion, creativity and devotion 

25 Apr 17

One of my fondest memories from my first music festival was the sight of a big burly metalhead sat outside his tent, needle and thread in hand, carefully sewing a newly purchased patch on to his denim battle jacket.

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Putting the fans centre stage 

12 Apr 17

Jaz Singh a lifelong Sabbath fan with Bill, one of our Home of Metal volunteers Now that the The End really has come to an end Home of Metal has moved on to the next stage of developing the exhibition.

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The Future of Birmingham Metal 

27 Mar 17

Black Sabbath may have called it a day, but their enduring legacy and Birmingham’s status as the Home of Metal aren’t going anywhere.

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Our New Street Station Gallery is now online 

6 Mar 17

Our Home of Metal volunteers were on hand at every one of Black Sabbath ‘s final UK dates, to document the fans who made each one of these gigs such a special occasion.

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Home of Metal’s final Birmingham Gallery is now online 

2 Mar 17

Our Home of Metal volunteers were on hand at every one of Black Sabbath ‘s final UK dates, to document the fans who made each one of these gigs such a special occasion.

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Home of Metal’s Birmingham Gallery is now online 

23 Feb 17

Our Home of Metal volunteers were on hand at every one of Black Sabbath ‘s final UK dates, to document the fans who made each one of these gigs such a special occasion.