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Vlog about the book The Halo Effect …and the Eight Other Business Delusions that Deceive Managers 

24 May 18

Here is a video I made some time back.

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Call for paper – Special issue of Journal of Service Theory and Practice 

23 Apr 18

Helping to spread the word for my old friend Dr.

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Of Abandoned Staff Quarters in Public Universities 

21 Mar 18

Passed by new construction work inside the campus of a local University, which will remain un-named for specific reasons.

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ABS Marketing Journals list 2018 

19 Mar 18

The much awaited Chartered Association of Business Schools’ Academic Journal Guide 2018 is finally out.

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Joined the International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management editorial team 

13 Mar 18

Just wanted to share with all my readers.

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Marketing Research Areas 

28 Jan 18

Quite sometime back, a colleague once asked (jokingly, I should add), why does marketing have so many modules? All you need is one Marketing module.

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Marketing our research papers 

10 Jan 18

I am an active member on Quora.

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Call for Case Study Chapters 

12 Nov 17

I would like to invite all those who are interested to contribute an original, real case study for publication in our book titled: ‘Management of Shari’ah Compliant Businesses – Case Studies on Creation of Sustainable Value’ which will be …

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Paper on Consumers’ Values for Buying Organic Personal Care Products published 

3 Sep 17

Our paper titled Health and Cosmetics: Investigating Consumers’ Values for Buying Organic Personal Care Products has been published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services.

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Most citations 

8 Feb 17

Was going through Google Scholar today morning and was pleasantly surprised to learn that one of my journal papers has been cited 101 times (as of today).

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Book on Islamic Finance, Marketing, and Management is now out 

22 Jan 17

I am delighted to announce that our latest edited book is finally out.

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Top 60 Marketing Profs who Tweet 2016 

6 Dec 16

This is the updated list of Marketing professors who tweet 2016.

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New Services Marketing Cases Book 

19 Sep 16

I am delighted to announce that our latest book ‘ Services Marketing Cases in Emerging Markets: An Asian Perspective ‘ has now been published by Springer.

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Australian Business Deans Council – ABDC interim Marketing Journals List 2016 

9 Sep 16

This is the ABDC authorised 2016 interim review of Marketing journals.

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Workshop on Islamic Financial Management and Marketing Principles for SMEs 

14 Jun 16

Helping create some buzz about a workshop: Application of Islamic Financial Management and Marketing Principles: Preparing SMEs for International Business Two-day programme for start-up owners, venture capitalists, prospective entrepreneurs from …

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Latest paper on online switching barriers and loyalty 

20 Apr 16

Really delighted that our paper titled ‘ Constructing Online Switching Barriers: Examining the Effects of Switching Costs and Alternative Attractiveness on E-Store Loyalty in Online Pure-Play Retailers ‘ (Yes, it is a really long title), has been …

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Power of advertising 

10 Apr 16

What comes to your mind when anybody mentions Santa Claus- Father Christmas? This image? A jolly, portly old man with big white beard and wearing a red suit.

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Top Sci fi movie 

4 Mar 16

I am a big sci fi fan and among all the sci fi movie, I think Minority Report (2002) is the best.

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Top 50 Marketing Profs who Tweet 2015 

25 Dec 15

Here Marketing Profs refer to Academics who teach marketing and related subjects in Universities including some Psychology PR Professors.

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Virtual worlds, social media gaming, celebrity branding and personal branding 

10 Dec 15

I recently attended the ANZMAC (The Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy) 2015 conference which was hosted by the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

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Academics and the dark side 

19 Oct 15

Many of us grew up watching Star Wars and the various films has had an impact on a number of us.

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Malaysia is top market for luxury car brands in South East Asia 

12 Oct 15

The biggest car market in ASEAN is Indonesia (sales of 830096 units in 2014) followed by Thailand (with 579273 units sold) and Malaysia (444551 units sold) (ASEAN automative federation, 2014).

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Call for contributions for book on Islamic finance, marketing and management from an Asian Perspective 

9 Sep 15

We invite all colleagues to submit chapters for a book titled ‘Advances in Islamic Finance, Marketing and Management: An Asian Perspective’ co-edited by Dilip Mutum, Muhammad Mohsin Butt and Mamunur Rashid.

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Call for marketing case studies 

14 Jul 15

There is a call for case studies call for an edited case book entitled STRATEGIC MARKETING CASES IN EMERGING ECONOMIES co-edited by Atanu Adhikari (Indian Institute of Kozhikode) Sanjit Roy (The University of Western Australia) which will be …

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The vinyl strikes back 

10 May 15

Recently, I was in a second hand shop at a nearby mall here in Malaysia and it looked like they were doing great business in used records.

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UK Universities with Malaysian campuses 

2 Mar 15

There are now a total of five UK Universities with campuses in Malaysia.

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Updated ABS ranking of Marketing journals 2015 

25 Feb 15

The latest Association of Business Schools (ABS) list of journals 2015 is finally out (called as the EAJG Journal Guide).

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Chapter in book Ethical and Social Marketing in Asia 

20 Feb 15

I am delighted to learn that the book ‘ Ethical and Social Marketing in Asia ‘ Edited by Bang Nguyen and Chris Rowley has been published.

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Top 10 countries in the World 

5 Nov 14

Was going through some lists and there were some interesting findings.

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New University New Job 

17 Oct 14

After working for nearly four years as a lecturer with the Department of Marketing and Advertising, Coventry Business School, Coventry University, I have moved several thousand miles away to warm and sunny Malaysia to join the Nottingham University …

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Article on online loyalty published 

22 Sep 14

One of my papers has finally been published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (ABS 1* / ABDC A).

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Inviting Contributors to a Services Marketing Case Study Book 

30 Aug 14

Following the success of our book on ‘ Marketing Cases from Emerging Markets ‘, edited by Mutum, D.

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Introduction to SEM using AMOS 20.0 – Workshop at University of Malaya 

20 Aug 14

Just helping to create some buzz for a workshop on structural equation modelling(SEM) using AMOS 20.0.

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Paper presented at Academy of Marketing Conference 2014 

13 Jul 14

Attended the Academy of marketing conference 2014 which was hosted by the University of Bournemouth.

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Quantitative Mehods: Which statistical test to use? 

2 Jul 14

I wrote this post in another blog a couple of years ago and thought I should share this here as well: If you are going to statistically analyse your data, knowing the right statistical test is absolutely essential.

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UK University league table results: The rise of Coventry University 

4 Jun 14

You may not like it, you may not agree with it and you may even hate it but the fact is that, as Academics, we cannot ignore theUK University league tables.

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Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Marketing journals list 

16 Mar 14

Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Marketing journals list The list of marketing journals is compiled from the Australian Business Deans Council (ABCD) Journal Quality List 2013 .

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Personal Blog Marketing: Chapter in book on Marketing in the Cyber Era 

17 Jan 14

A new book titled “Marketing in the Cyber Era: Strategies and Emerging Trends” has just come out.

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Where and why do you shop? Choice of retailer. 

10 Jan 14

Last evening I was shopping at the Lidl store in Foleshill, Coventry and realised that I had been shopping there quite frequently in the past few months.

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Why you should do a PhD? 

9 Jan 14

I obtained my PhD in Marketing from the Warwick Business School in 2011 and was reflecting back.

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Pillars of morality: Frans de Wall on Moral behaviour in Primates 

1 Jan 14

Really interesting video I recently came across which I simply had to share.

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Starting salaries of Marketing lecturers at different British Universities 

28 Oct 13

While glancing at some of the lecturing jobs (in Marketing) coming through my inbox, I was quite surprised at the range of starting salaries at various Universities in the UK.

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Muruganandam Arunachalam and the Sanitary Pad Revolution. 

13 Oct 13

Inspiring talk by Muruganandam Arunachalam.

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Book on marketing cases from emerging markets is out 

26 Sep 13

Finally received hard copies of our case study book today.

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University Tution Fees [Infographic] 

14 Aug 13

Interesting infographic on University tution fees.

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Relationship between core curriculum and college preparedness [infographic] 

24 Jul 13

An interesting infographic from the Best College Review site which argues that a “Common core curriculum is not the solution to closing the achievement gap”.

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Presentation at the Academy of Marketing Conference 2013 

11 Jul 13

Just got back from Cardiff where I had gone to present a paper at the Academy of Marketing Annual Conference 2013.

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Online behaviour and small business [Infographic] 

27 Jun 13

Some really interesting information.

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Working with Bloggers – The Cambridge Satchel Company 

24 Jun 13

The Cambridge Satchel Company – an amazing British company success story.

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Shop by video. Review of the HUGO BOSS movie – Shanghai Affairs 

14 Jun 13

I received an interesting email about an innovative form of advertising yesterday.