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Welcome Duncan Adams! 

18 Jul 18

We are very pleased to welcome Duncan Adams to the Centre, who is a hypnotherapist from Solihull Hypnotherapy but would like to expand his practice over to the Coventry area.

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How walking down stairs changed my life! 

27 Jun 18

I realised today it is now 10 years since I completed my NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Complementary Therapies at Daventry College.

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We are now a “Cancer Aware” centre! 

7 Jun 18

Following the weekend training at the Centre, we are now able to say that The Amethyst Centre is a “Cancer Aware” Centre!   The Amethyst Centre became the first Centre in the UK to become accredited with the “Supporting Clients with Cancer” …

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CBT comes to the Amethyst Centre 

5 Jun 18

We’re really pleased to welcome Ben Warden to the team in the Centre later this month.

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The answer is yes – now what’s the question? 

20 May 18

I went to a seminar last week about storytelling, and I learned about Shep.

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Sonia Bhanot – Reiki Practitioner 

9 May 18

We are welcoming Sonia Bhanot to the Amethyst Centre on Tuesdays from the 15th.

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Please welcome Polly Bartlett! 

3 Apr 18

I’m so pleased that at last Polly Bartlett is joining us at the Centre this Thursday, and on Thursdays for the foreseeable future.

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Free counselling via The Hummingbird Centre 

21 Feb 18

We are pleased to welcome Juliette from the Hummingbird Centre to the Amethyst Centre on Thursday afternoons from next week, to provide free counselling for cancer patients and their families.

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The Amethyst Centre steps up to fill the gaps! 

18 Feb 18

Some of you are parents with teens looking to get qualified in a vocational subject.

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Supporting Clients with Cancer 

2 Feb 18

The Centre is delighted to bring you training on Supporting Clients with Cancer.

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Jessica May on Coventry 

25 Jan 18

Jessica May, who is with us every Friday, has a newsletter every month.

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Welcoming Jessica May to the Centre 

31 Dec 17

We are really pleased to welcome Jessica May to working at the Centre.

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Mr George and me 

7 Dec 17

I was asked the other day, who was my biggest influence in business.

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Training Provider Member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine 

29 Oct 17

We are very pleased that the Amethyst Centre has been accepted as a training provider member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

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Globe salt lamp £10 

21 Oct 17

Beautiful hand-carved globe-shaped Himalayan salt lamp with tealight, £10.

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Perseverance and Me 

20 Oct 17

I was asked by the Socially Shared Network to contribute a guest blog to their website, and after much deliberation, I managed it! Here it is: “Perseverance is when you fall down 19 times and get up 20” – Julie Andrews, apparently.

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Dementia and holistic therapies – Victoria Brown 

13 Aug 17

Our massage therapist Victoria Brown has worked with dementia patients for some time now.

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About Kansa Facials 

8 Aug 17

Amanda Miller, our Kansa wand facial magician, has written about the wands and why she uses them in her facials for us.

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Expanding our Training provision 

30 Jul 17

The Centre has always had a mission to provide training and education on holistic therapies, and living more holistically, and now we’re expanding the provision to include accredited training in holistic therapies.

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What is Meta-Health? 

3 Jun 17

Herbie Taggar is with us on Wednesday 14th June, 7pm – 10pm and is giving a talk on Meta-Health.

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Wherever you go… 

26 May 17

As Centre receptionist I get to meet some lovely people.

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Do I teach Reiki? 

10 Mar 17

I do get asked regularly about learning Reiki.

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Shigellosis and how to avoid it 

14 Feb 17

I’m going to take this opportunity to remind you of enhanced toilet hygiene practices, so you can avoid bugs such as shigellosis, WVV, colds.

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Crowdfunding Therapy Angels 

2 Feb 17

Last Friday an email dropped in my inbox from my domain name providers.

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This testimonial brought me to tears. 

16 Jan 17

I was sent this testimonial by a therapist who will work from the Centre just as soon as her health issues will allow her to.

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Successful trials! 

27 Nov 16

We are delighted that our trial of having a counsellor attached to the Centre has been successful and we are getting plenty of demand for counselling now.

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Another Supermoon – but this time it’s different. 

13 Nov 16

There is yet another Supermoon approaching this month – but this time it’s different.

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What does “challenge” mean to you? 

11 Nov 16

You see, I was taking part in a sort of goal-planning exercise in a networking meeting and I was asked to share 3 positive words that will help me to achieve my goal.

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BBC Coventry and Warwickshire interview! 

28 Sep 16

Well today I did an interview on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire! I’d told them it was the Centre’s first birthday party on Saturday and they sent a reporter round this morning.

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True story! 

11 Sep 16

This is a true story.

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Here’s to year 2! 

2 Sep 16

Well we made it through the first year of trading! September 1st, 2015 at 6pm we opened the door to our first client.

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The 88 Club launches today! 

8 Aug 16

Would you like to be the first to hear of our new products and courses? What about two free treatments from the Amethyst Centre’s Founder every year? And discounts on products, treatments, or courses? Special invitations to VIP evenings? The …

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Guest blog: What my late father told me 

18 Jun 16

I’m pleased to say that today’s guest blog has been contributed by Adrienne Harrison-Cottrell, who is joining the Centre therapists.

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Atlantean Healing 

15 Jun 16

Here is what Robyn Rainbow has to say about Atlantean Healing, this new and different healing modality that she is offering at the Amethyst Centre: Atlantean Healing is a fast growing energy healing modality that has been given to humanity at this …

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It’s Fathers Day! Give Dad a free treatment 

13 Jun 16

It’s Fathers Day on Sunday! To celebrate, we at the Centre have decided to give one lucky Deserving Dad a free treatment with us here in Coventry.

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Spooky action at a distance = distance Reiki? 

10 Jun 16

Have you heard of the phenomenon of quantum entanglement? Apparently if you take a pair of quantum particles and separate them, so that one is as far away as possible from the other, then whatever action you perform on one will still affect the other…

Blog feature
Robyn Rainbow 

8 Jun 16

Our new full-time Therapist, Robyn Rainbow, has joined us this week.

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Crystal alert! 

6 Jun 16

Short post to alert you all to the fact that I’ve added some new crystals to the Shop.

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Footloose with happy feet! 

5 Jun 16

The holiday season hasn’t quite started but I’m sure people are looking forwards to it! I always found June to be rather an odd month in which you have to get everything done so you can go on holiday but the weather usually improves and you get …

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Usui Reiki Master Level Teaching 

30 May 16

The ultimate goal of Reiki Masters is to teach other Reiki Masters.

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What do you call a massage… 

28 May 16

… carried out when you’re on one of those massage chairs? Is it onsite massage? Well all our massages are carried out on site, if you see what I mean! Is it seated massage? You’re sort of kneeling as well as sitting.

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I promise… 

27 May 16

… to blog more often! I won’t beat around the bush here, I do find it difficult to find things to blog about.

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I feel like a cuppa tea! 

20 Feb 16

If this last week has taught me anything, it is the therapeutic value of a mug of builder’s tea.

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Some amazing women 

25 Jan 16

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of hosting a “Meet the Author” session with Shelley Wilson.

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One amazing year 

31 Dec 15

The sun is setting on the last day of the most amazing year of my life, the first year of The Amethyst Centre.

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Why do I do Reiki? 

21 Dec 15

Someone asked me the other day why I do Reiki.

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It’s creeping up… 

13 Dec 15

So are you ready yet? For Christmas I mean? Me? You must be joking! Half the decs are in the box still.

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Getting back to normal 

6 Dec 15

Well what a busy week I had! 4 networking meetings visited, plenty of amazingly creative small businesses met and some really astounding women met (and the odd man too!).

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Black? Green? Cyber? Personal! 

29 Nov 15

I lost heart in promoting my “Black Friday” goods after reading that the name had connections with the slave trade.

Blog feature
Coming up to Christmas, availability and Black Friday (ish) 

22 Nov 15

How’s the preparation for the festive season going? Got all your presents? Decorated yet? Fed up of people asking? So am I! But anyway let’s see how the Amethyst Centre can help you with your preparations.