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Tok Tan’s Clan family day at Sarang by the Brook 

12 Sep 18

Last weekend, joined the rest of my wife’s extended family (Tok Tan’s clan) – all 40 of us, for a get-together at Sarang by the Brook at Kuala Kubu Bahru.

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What is the origin of the name of Batu Ferringhi in Penang 

12 Sep 18

How Malaysian are you #3? When I first visited Penang, I stayed at one of the hotels on Batu Ferringhi and was quite curious as to how the place got the name.

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What is the origin of the name ‘Bukit Nanas’? 

12 Sep 18

How Malaysian are you #4? Most commentators on my FB page guessed correctly, Bukit Nanas is so named because it once had a lot of pineapples covering it.

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Post GST and the Business Crooks 

21 Jun 18

After the new Malaysian Government announced the removal of GST, a lot of people were happy, hoping that prices would go down and people would have more money to spend overall.

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Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife 

15 Jun 17

I was looking for a pocket knife that was not too bulky and could be attached to my car keys for everyday carry (EDC).

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What is the oldest recorded Kingdom in the Malaysian peninsula? 

15 May 17

This is the 2nd quiz question I ran on my Facebook page.

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Name the only Malaysian state which was once ruled by a Queen? 

10 May 17

Many of my Malaysian friends are quite surprised when they find out that I know so many obscure fact about Malaysia even though I was not born here.

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Call for Fatwa against terrorism 

9 Apr 17

Was shocked when I read about the church bombings in Egypt which have left 43 dead and more than 100 injured.

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Renting a house – the only option for now. 

8 Apr 17

Sometimes I find that many from the Baby Boomer generation are quite clueless with some of the issues that the current generation face.

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Wondering about the ancients – nine planets, flying chariots and WMDs 

18 Jan 17

Yesterday my daughter was complaining about her boring history classes and asking me tips on how to remember dates and names.

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End of year road trip 

4 Jan 17

We recently went on one of the longest road trips I have ever driven.

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Seiko SNKN01K1 watch unboxing 

21 Oct 16

Note: This article was previously posted on Adamok.

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I want Happy Ads 

21 Jul 16

I have had a pet peeve for quite a while but I cannot keep in in any longer.

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Why I like vintage watches? 

20 Jul 16

This was a question in Quora which made me think about the watches I collect.

Blog feature
Are millennials to blame? 

24 Mar 16

When people talk about millennials, most of the time you never hear any thing positive.

Blog feature
Zika virus, Microcephaly and Larvicides 

15 Feb 16

According to a group of Argentinean doctors, larvicides and not the Zika virus is the cause of Brazil’s Microcephaly outbreak.

Blog feature
Gated communities and Nepali guards 

7 Jan 16

Right outside our front gate we have 2 Nepali security guards manning a temporary gate.

Blog feature
Adele Hello video memes 

9 Nov 15

Adele won’t stop calling me.

Blog feature
Advice on buying watches below $500 

10 Oct 15

As some of my close friends and family members are aware, I am a big fan of watches – mechanical or battery powered, analog or digital, it does not matter.

Blog feature
KLIA 2 vs Sydney airport 

2 Sep 15

Just got back from Sydney.

Blog feature
Classics – Love Hurts – Nazareth with Munich Philharmonic Orchestra 

20 Aug 15

One of my old time favs.

Blog feature
Water quality 

20 May 15

Everyone we know here in Malaysia has water filters installed in their houses – normally a big one outside and another one inside.

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New upcoming movies I am looking forward to 

21 Apr 15

Quite excited with all these fantastic movies coming out soon.

Blog feature
Just another day 

7 Mar 15

Yes! It is that day of the year again – my birthday.

Blog feature
Efneo – 3-speed front bicycle gearbox 

5 Feb 15

While biking regularly to work in the UK, I can’t tell you the countless issues I had with my front derailleur.

Blog feature
Pavements and cycling paths in Malaysia 

24 Dec 14

Pavements are non-existent near my current house and we have to watch out for cars and motorbikes as our gate opens up to a busy main road.

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Non-payment of loans by older generation hurting the future generations 

5 Nov 14

It is a bad time to be a fresh University student in Malaysia today.

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A sad day and why I will not ride a motorcycle 

24 Oct 14

As I was driving to work this morning I noticed this motorcycle weaving in and out between traffic and driving quite fast.

Blog feature
Back in Malaysia 1: Housing and Driving 

8 Oct 14

After eight years in the UK, we packed our bags and moved back to Malaysia.

Blog feature
Israel and Palestine 

13 Jul 14


Blog feature
Vintage Swiss Army ladies watch 

6 Jul 14

This is one of my eBay bargain finds.

Blog feature
The end of cycling to work 

5 Jul 14

Finally sold off my vintage Falcon bike .

Blog feature
Replacing my Swatch watch strap 

21 Jun 14

A couple of weeks back, I posted about the easiest way to upgrade the look of your watch – by changing the strap.

Blog feature
West Midlands Safari Park – 3rd Visit 

16 May 14

This was our 3rd visit to the Safari Park – this time with my sis-in-law and her family.

Blog feature
Tired of your old watch: Change the strap 

15 May 14

Unlike some crazy watch collectors who have several watches, many people normally have one beater watch which they wear everyday.

Blog feature
The Royal Enfield Continental GT [Video] 

12 May 14

From Ace Cafe, London to Madras Café, Chennai.

Blog feature
Caludon Castle and St George 

27 Apr 14

The answer to ” Where in Coventry 3 ?” post is Caludon Castle in Caludon Castle park in Wyken.

Blog feature
Trip to the highlands 2013 – 3: Isle of Skye 

22 Apr 14

Around this time last year, we were driving around the Scottish highlands.

Blog feature
Swatch Irony Filamento Multicolore ladies watch 

21 Apr 14

This nice Swatch Irony Aluminium FILAMENTO MULTICOLORE REF.

Blog feature
Where in Coventry 3 

20 Apr 14

How well do you know Coventry? This is my 3rd edition of Where in Coventry Came across these ruins in a park.

Blog feature
Swatch Irony Chrono – Freezing Rain 

14 Apr 14

Here is my latest eBay find – a vintage Swatch watch from their Spring/summer 2000 collection, which means that this watch is more than 13 years old.

Blog feature
Video: The mysterious black box 

7 Apr 14

Really innovative.

Blog feature
Changing batteries on my daughter’s Casio MQ-24 watch 

6 Apr 14

The battery on my daughters’s first watch which I bought for her on Amazon, has run out.

Blog feature
Palace of the Golden Horses Malaysia 

17 Feb 14

Some pics from my short stay at the hotel.

Blog feature
Yuna – one of 20 artists to listen to in 2014 

9 Jan 14

The Huffington Post lists Malaysian singer Yuna (real name is Yunalis Mat Zara’ai) as one of the top 20 artists to listen to in 2014.

Blog feature
Carlos Santana’s magic – Samba pa ti 

7 Jan 14

Samba pa ti is colloquial Spanish for “Samba para ti” which simply means “Samba for you”.

Blog feature
Dancing to Jon Bon Jovi 

23 Nov 13

Old video of Jeremy Fry’s crazy dance on YouTube pushes Jon Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” to the number 25 spot in Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Blog feature
Donate to my Movember Page 

7 Nov 13

I have never had a moustache my whole life, partly due (maybe mostly) to genetic reasons.

Blog feature
Free electric blanket safety testing in Coventry 

29 Sep 13

Local charity Age UK Coventry is offering free electric blankets and utility safety testing.

Blog feature
Miss America Twitter storm 

18 Sep 13

When this year’s Miss America results were announced, it resulted in a Twitter storm from a lot of unhappy Americans.