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New Year’s Eve 

23 Mar 18

The end of the old year and the start of something new.

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21 Mar 18

We spent Christmas Day with my sister and her family this year, and I love this photo I took of her with her boys.

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19 Mar 18

My sister rescued a little tortoiseshell cat a while ago and I took lots of photos of her on Christmas Day as we spent the day with her family.

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17 Mar 18

With it snowing again today, I thought I would make a page using photos I took back on the first of March this year.

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Cocktail fun! 

13 Mar 18

On Christmas Day we had great fun making (and drinking) a good few cocktails.

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Mother’s Day cards. 

11 Mar 18

I used a new Altenew stamp set to make the cards for Mothering Sunday, one for my mum, the other for my mother-in-law.

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50 Today 

8 Mar 18

My ‘baby’ brother was 50 just before Christmas and we made a big day of it.

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6 Mar 18

Although is is almost 3 months since panto season ended, I managed to get my panto page completed at last today.

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Snow Day 

4 Mar 18

It’s been a long winter, and this page reminds me of the start of it.

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2 Mar 18

We had a visit between Christmas and New Year from a good friend with her children.

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Mexican Day Out 

28 Feb 18

Just before Christmas each year, the ladies of my family celebrate with a lunch and a few drinks together.

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Christmas Morning 2017 

26 Feb 18

A multi photo layout of Christmas morning at our house.

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A Shared Birthday 

23 Feb 18

My daughter and her boyfriend share the same birthday, so I made them both a card to celebrate.

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Delivery by Stork. 

18 Feb 18

The last of the old Sizzix die cuts on cards today.

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Happy Valentine’s Day 

14 Feb 18

I always make a card for my husband on Valentine’s Day, this year is no different.

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More Sizzix cards 

13 Feb 18

I found a few baby die cuts in the cupboard last week and made two sets of cards.

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I’m Back! 

11 Feb 18

Sorry about my absence online, but I am back for now! I had a look in one of my craft cupboards last week and found a bowl full of shapes I had cut from card last year.

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An Early Christmas Dinner. 

31 Jan 18

We braved the snow back in December to visit my husband’s family for a festive dinner.

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Christmas Tree 

29 Jan 18

I know, I always make a page about my Christmas tree, but each year they look so lovely I can’t help myself! This year’s was a cracker, and not as expensive as one we bought 2 years ago.

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Christmas Pyjamazzz 

27 Jan 18

I had been saving the cute background papers used on this layout for exactly this page.

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12×12 Festive Pages 

25 Jan 18

Now my Christmas Journal is complete, I still have a pile of larger Christmas photos I want to scrapbook, so at a crop on Sunday I made a start on the big pages.

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This is the End! 

23 Jan 18

My tenth Christmas Journal! Finished! I chose to just end it with a large photo of the three kids looking so happy to fill most of the page.

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A Resolution? 

22 Jan 18

Looking back through previous journals I know that I rarely -if ever- make a New Year resolution.

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Mother’s Ruin 

21 Jan 18

Gin has always been a favourite tipple of mine, even before last year’s urge in its popularity.

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Harry Potter Gifts 

20 Jan 18

Katie received many gifts from the world of Harry Potter this year: a wooden box for storing quiddich kit (she could use if for wool!), a wand, Hogwarts pyjamas and a lovely glittery Slytherin clutch bag.

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Christmas Visitors 

19 Jan 18

Good friends of ours came to visit between Christmas and New Year, it was nice to have the time to see them.

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Happy New Year! 

18 Jan 18

A set of 3×2″ pockets for my New Year’s Day page, but only one photo.

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New Year’s Eve 

17 Jan 18

My sister contacted me on New Year’s Eve asking me me if our ‘famous New Year party’ was on; of course it was! We had a full house with my sister’s family, all my kids along with Hannah’s boyfriend and a night of fun planned.

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Review of 2017 

16 Jan 18

I always enjoy making this page, looking back through my photos from the year and choosing 12 to sum up what we have been doing.

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Yankee Candles 

15 Jan 18

Every year, Yankee candles bring out a new range of Christmas candles.

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So Cheesy 

14 Jan 18

My eldest daughter flew the nest a couple of years ago, but still comes home for Christmas.

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Thirty Years Together 

13 Jan 18

I met my husband in the summer of 1987, so the Christmas of that year was our first together.

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12 Jan 18

Card playing is a tradition in our family, both over the festive season and during many other family gatherings, so I thought it fitting that the game we play had a page to itself.

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Christmas Day! 

11 Jan 18

Apologies for failing to post of late, I have been quite poorly for about over a week now (and have been unable to get an appointment with my GP ????, so have only just put photos of further pages onto my computer.

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Christmas Eve 

4 Jan 18

I buy the kids new pyjamas to open every Christmas Eve (even though they are all adults now!) and this year was no exception.

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The Panto 

3 Jan 18

My brother has his birthday just before Christmas, and we all celebrated together this year as it was his 50th.

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Ladies day out. 

2 Jan 18

Just before Christmas every year we go out with my Mum’s side of the family, but ladies only! On the day after the end of term we went out into town with Mum and her sister, my sister, and four of the next generation down…

Blog feature
The Solstice 

1 Jan 18

Radio 4 has marked the seasons this year with poetry during the day of the two equinoxes and solstices.

Blog feature
The Coat 

31 Dec 17

My son only wanted one thing for Christmas this year: a camel coat.

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Santa’s Little Helpers 

30 Dec 17

On the last day of term two of the TAs in school manned a grotto along with a visit from Father Christmas.

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My List 

28 Dec 17

I wrote this list well over a week ago, it seems so long now since I was stressing about getting the house sorted and everything ready for Christmas.

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The Gingerbread Village 

28 Dec 17

Back to my journal again now after Christmas, I hope all my readers had a lovely time, we were busy seeing lots of our family and eating far too much! This page is a catch up as the girls didn’t manage to decorate the village until Christmas Eve, so …

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So Very Merry 

22 Dec 17

All of my children love Christmas, but as Hannah has her own place, she makes the most of this and transforms her home during December.

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Deck the Halls 

21 Dec 17

I have been making a page about decorations in my Christmas for ten years now; have I run out of ideas? Not yet! I visited my daughter’s house at the weekend with camera in tow, ready to take photos of her decorations.

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20 Dec 17

Anyone from the West Midlands knows that ‘Brum’ is the name we use for our second city, Birmingham.

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The Tree! 

19 Dec 17

This page forms Day 8 in my journal, but as we only put the tree up last weekend, I only made the layout on Sunday.

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It’s a Wrap 

18 Dec 17

A quick page for the 13th of December allows for journallers to catch up.

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Sweet Treats 

17 Dec 17

In Birmingham city centre there are many traditional arcades with traditional shops within.

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A Pre-Christmas Dinner 

16 Dec 17

On Sunday, we braved the snow to travel up to Leicester and see our in-laws.

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15 Dec 17

When was the last time we had snow before Christmas? A good few years ago I’m sure, and in the Midlands snowy days are very rare.