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Apple Day 2017 

15 Oct 17

Castle Bromwich Hall hosts a day to show the harvest of the gardens every year, we didn’t make it last year as the weather was so bad, but this year it was a lovely autumnal afternoon.

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A Pre-Scrapbooking Photo 

13 Oct 17

I had a sort out of my old photos a while back and found this old one of mine taken back in 2000.

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Girls Night Out 

11 Oct 17

I’ve been loving the Papermania Capsule Pigment collection, and used it to make this layout about our summer holiday.

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Hardy’s Inspiration 

9 Oct 17

While wandering around Dorchester back in August, I noticed a blue plaque on an imposing Georgian house.

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The Gilded Teapot 

7 Oct 17

In Dorchester, the county town of Dorset, there is a quaint little tea shop selling loose teas and coffee.

Blog feature

5 Oct 17

What other title would be appropriate for this layout, two gorgeous rescue kittens we looked after a couple of year ago? Again I used up more of the Paige Evans Oh My Heart range (trying to make use of it before the next kit -Turn the Page- arrives …

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More Kitten Layouts 

3 Oct 17

Having found a few more kitten photos and wanting to use up more of my Paige Evans Oh My Heart stash, I decided to make two layouts using them.

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Beautiful Girl 

1 Oct 17

Here is Hannah looking very pretty at the start of the summer in Castle Bromwich Hall gardens.

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Him and Me 

29 Sep 17

Here is the layout that faces the pocket page in featured in my last blog post.

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Another Pocket page. 

27 Sep 17

I still had lots of small photos from a day Kev and I visited Arbury Hall so I decided to make one pocket page for the small ones, and a facing layout with the photo of the two of us.

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Ready to Fly! 

25 Sep 17

Another amusements layout today using Shimelle’s Glitter Girl collection.

Blog feature

23 Sep 17

Looking back to my childhood, the bumper cars were my favourite ride at the fair or amusements.

Blog feature
Birthday Bowling 

21 Sep 17

Bowling is the ideal birthday activity in the summer, especially if the weather is poor, so our whole family headed for the bowling alley back in August to celebrate my nephew’s 15th birthday.

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A Feast! 

19 Sep 17

On the harbourside in Weymouth, there is a restaurant we have been visiting for over twenty years while on holiday.

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A Project Life Style Double Layout 

17 Sep 17

As I had taken so many photos this year, I wanted to scrapbook some a little more quickly, so I chose a pocket style page for this layout about the beach.

Blog feature
Our Spot on the Beach 

15 Sep 17

Every year we go to Weymouth, we always use the same spot on the beach.

Blog feature
High Tea 

13 Sep 17

Back in 2016, the girls and I had a day out together in July just before the end of term.

Blog feature
Dreaming Big 

11 Sep 17

I love these photos I took of Hannah last summer at Castle Bromwich Hall gardens.

Blog feature
Wedding Card 

9 Sep 17

A friend of ours from church was married in Ireland over the summer.

Blog feature
Seas the Day 

8 Sep 17

Back in the summer, the boys made use of a calm, sunny day to get out on the inflatable canoe in Weymouth Bay.

Blog feature

6 Sep 17

Now we are back at school, it saddens me to see this photo of the beach taken back in August.

Blog feature
The Great Dorset Maize Maze 

4 Sep 17

Ten years ago, just after being made redundant, we spent three weeks camping in Dorset in order to save money.

Blog feature
I Am… Mr Woppit 

2 Sep 17

My eldest bought a lovely little hamster a week or so ago, so I had to go round to see her (and it!) She gave him a strange name: Mr Woppit, although this was better than her first choice of Prosecco.

Blog feature
I Love my Family. 

31 Aug 17

These photos were taken at a family dinner to celebrate Father’s Day and my husband’s and Brother in Law’s birthdays.

Blog feature
Vintage Shopping 

29 Aug 17

Back in the early summer, Castle Bromwich Hall hosted a 40s day.

Blog feature
New DoCrafts line 

27 Aug 17

I hadn’t bought any DoCrafts papers for a while, but when I saw this set of Capsule papers (Pigment) in the style of watercolours, I couldn’t resist.

Blog feature
The Kitchen Garden 

25 Aug 17

These photos of Kev in the gardens of Attingham Park were taken in the autumn a couple of years ago.

Blog feature
Camera Obscura 

23 Aug 17

I took a small kit along with on holiday in case the weather was not great, with some photos, limited tools, sticky and embellishments.

Blog feature
Holiday Photos 

20 Aug 17

You probably guessed that I have been away for a couple of weeks as blogging has been very thin on the ground.

Blog feature
Unlucky Fried Kitten 

13 Aug 17

Ever since I have known Kevin, he hasn’t been keen on fast food.

Blog feature
The Castle Hotel 

11 Aug 17

When in Aberystwyth back in May, we stayed in a hotel above a pub.

Blog feature
Not More Cocktails! 

9 Aug 17

Cocktails are so popular at the moment that I have taken many photos of them, and made more than one layout.

Blog feature
Another Powis page 

7 Aug 17

When we travelled to Wales back in May, we took along Kevin’s mum and dad for the short break.

Blog feature

5 Aug 17

I rarely begin preparing for Christmas so early in the year, October is my usual starting point, but this year I felt the urge to get ahead.

Blog feature
Below Stairs 

3 Aug 17

Whenever we visit old houses, one of my favourite places to visit is the servants quarters.

Blog feature
Summer in the City 

1 Aug 17

Outside the house where I spent my childhood is a large green, we used to play on it as kids.

Blog feature
A Quick One Layer Card 

30 Jul 17

I love the floral stamps by Altenew, this Perennial Flower was bought for me by Kevin for my birthday.

Blog feature

28 Jul 17

I taught a year 6 class for most of the year, and being a teacher in a church school I prepared them for confirmation in the summer.

Blog feature
A Perfect Day 

26 Jul 17

At the beginning of July I took the girls to see an outdoor performance of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.

Blog feature
Vegetables on Paper 

24 Jul 17

When I saw these stamps called Farmer’s Market by Altenew, they struck as being so unusual that I felt the urge to order them! I had a play with them last weekend making some simple cards for my card box.

Blog feature
Ancient Yew 

23 Jul 17

On our recent trip to see Katie in Wales, we stopped off at Powis Castle on the way.

Blog feature
I get my life back…. 

22 Jul 17

Enough said.

Blog feature
The Old College 

20 Jul 17

Aberystwyth University began its life in a gothic building on the seafront called The Old College.

Blog feature

18 Jul 17

Three years ago, Katie stared university in Aberystwyth and we took her down in the September of 2014.

Blog feature
Fruity Cards 

16 Jul 17

I bought a lovely set of stamps by Altenew called Simple Fruits and had a play with them last weekend.

Blog feature
Knitty Gritty Volume 1 

14 Jul 17

My daughter Katie continues with knitting the over 2000 swatches of varied knitting stitches and storing them into hand made books.

Blog feature
Water colour card 

12 Jul 17

A friend of mine (another teacher) has been off work recently with stress; I made her a card to let her know I am thinking of her.

Blog feature
Wild flower meadows 

10 Jul 17

In Coventry, as the council has had to deal with more swingeing cuts, the city decided last year to turn some of the greens in the city into meadows.

Blog feature
NEC Stash Haul 

8 Jul 17

There was a craft show on at the NEC last weekend; I had forgotten it was on, but on Sunday morning I received a phone all from my sister in law who had a stand at the show selling fabrics and quilting supplies.

Blog feature
Outdoor Austen 

5 Jul 17

Last Saturday, the girls and I went over to Castle Bromwich Hall for the afternoon.