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Really Old Photos. 

22 May 18

When Kev and I were ‘courting’ we took our first holiday together walking in the Lake District.

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Friends House 

20 May 18

The Society of Friends or Quakers run a cafe over the road fro Euston Station in London.

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The Grand 

18 May 18

A layout using very old K and Co stash to make this page about The Grand Hotel in Scarborough.

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A Double Layout 

16 May 18

Kevin found a lovely place to have afternoon tea while we were in London.

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A Day out in London 

14 May 18

After being unwell for much of the Easter holiday, the 11th of April was one of the few days I was well enough to go out.

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We Play 

12 May 18

My Dad used to love to make teeth from orange peel when the children were small and as Hannah was his first grandchild this is the first picture we have of us playing with the ‘dangerous teeth’ I was expecting Katie on this holiday and as it was …

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10 May 18

Here is another pre-digital photo, taken so long ago that I could hardly remember the occasion it was taken.

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Brownsea Castle 

8 May 18

This was the only photo I managed to take of the castle on Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour.

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A very old photo 

6 May 18

My eldest daughter is now 26 and this photo of her was taken down in Weymouth back in 1993.

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Break the Rules 

4 May 18

On our way home from holiday a few years ago, the weather was poor, so we decided to leave early and call in at Oxford on our way north.

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#Love This 

2 May 18

We visited both cathedrals when in Liverpool, and this layout is about the Anglican church.

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Tate Liverpool 

30 Apr 18

I enjoyed our visit to the Tate up in Liverpool last year – although Kevin was not too impressed.

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Trust in the Journey 

28 Apr 18

Both myself and my husband come from Irish ancestors, in fact, they moved to England during the famine and stayed here, my family in the North East, my husband’s in Yorkshire.

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Stylish Costa 

26 Apr 18

There are lots of amazing buildings in Liverpool, even down to this lowly coffee shop! We didn’t go in, but I loved the style of the exterior, so took a few photos.

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Back to Liverpool 

24 Apr 18

I was unwell last year with anxiety and as scrapbooking is about the good and not so good times in life I used this photo taken of Liverpool docks to record this time.

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Book a Ticket 

22 Apr 18

On the docks in Liverpool is this wonderful vintage bus.

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Another Tyneham page 

20 Apr 18

The last time we went to Tyneham, we found a new wall in the old farmyard made up of old pieces of farm machinery and exploded ordnance.

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Take it In 

18 Apr 18

Another layout about our trip to Liverpool.

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Summer Scrapbooking 

16 Apr 18

This photo was taken in the middle of summer down in Dorset a few years ago, so I thought it was about time I got them into my album.

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Albert Dock 

14 Apr 18

Just over a year ago, Kev and I took a half term trip to Liverpool, and on our first day we headed for Albert Dock.

Blog feature
No Signal 

12 Apr 18

There we were, in a village and Bay mile from anywhere, that had been abandoned for over seventy years, and still Harry was looking for a signal for his mobile phone! The papers and speech bubble are by Paige Evans (I never thought I would use them!).

Blog feature

10 Apr 18

A few years ago, we took a trip around Poole harbour on a boat which dropped us on Brownsea Island.

Blog feature

8 Apr 18

Hello! I’m back after a horrific bout of tonsillitis just in time for the Easter holiday.

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A Day in Lyme 

2 Apr 18

Harry took this photo of Kev and I in Lyme a couple of years ago in the park overlooking the bay.

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A Final page 

31 Mar 18

This layout is made up of scraps from the first kit I put together fro Shimelle’s recent Clear the Scrap Desk.

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A Family Picnic 

29 Mar 18

I have continued to work away on my ‘Clear the Scarp Desks’ class by Shimelle to get lots of photos and a mountain of stash into my albums.

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Another birthday layout 

27 Mar 18

I made a second page about my eldest daughter’s recent birthday, this time using a pair of silly photos.

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A New Start 

25 Mar 18

My daughter has made some big changes in her life this year, and her birthday layout journals about them.

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New Year’s Eve 

23 Mar 18

The end of the old year and the start of something new.

Blog feature

21 Mar 18

We spent Christmas Day with my sister and her family this year, and I love this photo I took of her with her boys.

Blog feature

19 Mar 18

My sister rescued a little tortoiseshell cat a while ago and I took lots of photos of her on Christmas Day as we spent the day with her family.

Blog feature

17 Mar 18

With it snowing again today, I thought I would make a page using photos I took back on the first of March this year.

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Cocktail fun! 

13 Mar 18

On Christmas Day we had great fun making (and drinking) a good few cocktails.

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Mother’s Day cards. 

11 Mar 18

I used a new Altenew stamp set to make the cards for Mothering Sunday, one for my mum, the other for my mother-in-law.

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50 Today 

8 Mar 18

My ‘baby’ brother was 50 just before Christmas and we made a big day of it.

Blog feature

6 Mar 18

Although is is almost 3 months since panto season ended, I managed to get my panto page completed at last today.

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Snow Day 

4 Mar 18

It’s been a long winter, and this page reminds me of the start of it.

Blog feature

2 Mar 18

We had a visit between Christmas and New Year from a good friend with her children.

Blog feature
Mexican Day Out 

28 Feb 18

Just before Christmas each year, the ladies of my family celebrate with a lunch and a few drinks together.

Blog feature
Christmas Morning 2017 

26 Feb 18

A multi photo layout of Christmas morning at our house.

Blog feature
A Shared Birthday 

23 Feb 18

My daughter and her boyfriend share the same birthday, so I made them both a card to celebrate.

Blog feature
Delivery by Stork. 

18 Feb 18

The last of the old Sizzix die cuts on cards today.

Blog feature
Happy Valentine’s Day 

14 Feb 18

I always make a card for my husband on Valentine’s Day, this year is no different.

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More Sizzix cards 

13 Feb 18

I found a few baby die cuts in the cupboard last week and made two sets of cards.

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I’m Back! 

11 Feb 18

Sorry about my absence online, but I am back for now! I had a look in one of my craft cupboards last week and found a bowl full of shapes I had cut from card last year.

Blog feature
An Early Christmas Dinner. 

31 Jan 18

We braved the snow back in December to visit my husband’s family for a festive dinner.

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Christmas Tree 

29 Jan 18

I know, I always make a page about my Christmas tree, but each year they look so lovely I can’t help myself! This year’s was a cracker, and not as expensive as one we bought 2 years ago.

Blog feature
Christmas Pyjamazzz 

27 Jan 18

I had been saving the cute background papers used on this layout for exactly this page.

Blog feature
12×12 Festive Pages 

25 Jan 18

Now my Christmas Journal is complete, I still have a pile of larger Christmas photos I want to scrapbook, so at a crop on Sunday I made a start on the big pages.

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This is the End! 

23 Jan 18

My tenth Christmas Journal! Finished! I chose to just end it with a large photo of the three kids looking so happy to fill most of the page.